Register now for ‘People’s Law School’ on Oct. 1

Once again, it is time for the “People’s Law School,” the oldest and most successful law program for the layperson in the country! This is your chance to learn more about your legal rights, and have fun at the same time. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

On Saturday, Oct. 1, the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center will host more than 40 volunteer lawyers, judges, and law professors teaching courses in 15 different areas of law. The “People’s Law School” is designed to give you some useful information about your legal rights.

Classes will be held from 9 a.m. until noon on the main campus of the University of Houston Law Center. There will be classes in business, bankruptcy, employment, insurance, health insurance, consumer, credit and debt collection, wills, Social Security, landlord/tenant, immigration and family law. There also are classes in how to use small claims court, deal with an attorney, and find the law on the Internet. Each person may choose three classes to attend.

As the almost 50,000 people who have attended the People’s Law School in the past have discovered, when it comes to the law, knowledge really is power. The “People’s Law School” won’t make you an attorney, but it will help you settle disputes and avoid problems. Whether you are buying a car, preparing a will, dealing with a debt collector or in a dispute with your neighbor, knowing your legal rights can make a difference.

Although there is no charge for the “People’s Law School,” you must pre-register to attend. Registration is limited to the first 1,000 people. To register, simply visit,

Q. I am having issues of getting my deposit back from my former apartment. What can I do to get it back? I keep getting lame excuses.

A. Look at the landlord tenant section on my Web site, We have a pretty good security deposit law. Assuming you gave proper notice and a forwarding address, you could be entitled to three times the deposit. A certified letter to the landlord usually gets results. Consider filing a complaint at