Starting over - Vyki Alleman roars back with Rockit Multimedia

Starting over - Vyki Alleman roars back with Rockit Multimedia

It’s not often that you find somebody in business having to make a comeback at the tender age of 24, but Vyki Alleman is doing just that.

She made a splash in 2010 as marketing and new media director for start-up Network Centric Solutions in Beaumont. She devised campaigns and a communications strategy that put the company on the map, and co-hosted the weekly BizTech radio show that presented valuable information on a variety of topics, including social media. A string of technical and product issues threw a wrench in the machinery, and NCS shut its doors shortly after founder and CEO Desi Ramsey left the company.
Alleman knew her knowledge and techniques could boost almost any business, so she took a deep breath and founded Rockit Multimedia.

By way of introduction, she offered this: “Your business is your dream. Is your dream getting the exposure it deserves? Rockit Multimedia is a new marketing company with new ideas. We specialize in Web design, social media marketing, video production and search engine optimization.”

For business owners who don’t want to ask their children about social media, Alleman offers expert advice.

“It’s obvious that in today’s world, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are where the people are,” she commented. “Did you know that people are more likely to follow a brand or company and buy their products and services if their friends are doing the same? Did you know that social media is the most effective form of advertising? Did you know that you can actually track your return on investment and insights with social media?”

For those who query ‘Then why do I still need a Web site?,’ Alleman has an answer.

“Image is everything. In today’s world, a company without a Web site is a company without a face. People are searching for your products or service, and you want to be found. Also, unlike social media profiles, Web sites are fully customizable,” she added.

How would a company go about doing that? Alleman is glad you asked.

Rockit Multimedia is a full-service Internet marketing agency that helps clients succeed online by creating effective online marketing campaigns. Rockit’s services start with a proven digital strategy that evolves into a complete solution including creativity, technology and marketing. Rockit works with small to medium sized businesses and brands to create comprehensive, easy to understand, results-driven campaigns. In addition, Rockit offers fully customized and affordable online marketing solutions that you can manage yourself, or we can manage for you so that you focus on your business while we focus on growing your business.”


“I moved to Orange from Sorrento, Louisiana about four years ago because I was ready for something different,” she recalled. “I halfway expected to eventually move back to Louisiana but this place has become a part of me and I really enjoy living and working here. When I started Rockit Multimedia I briefly thought about establishing my business in Beaumont because it's perhaps more well-known but seeing as I can work from anywhere I realized it wasn't necessary. I see a need for businesses in this area to step into the online and social media marketing arena and I'm really excited that I get to be a part of that.”