Texas' Biggest Waste

Texas' Biggest Waste

What some in the world die for, most Texans pass up.  A recent study conducted by the Washington Post as reported in the Houston Chronicle shows that Texas is dead last in mid-term voting.  Apparently, only 28.3 percent of eligible voters participated in the last mid-term election in 2014.  Sadly, the results are reflective of the fact that Texas remains deep red.

Much blame for Texas being last in voter participation belongs to our legislators.  The controversial Voter ID law is clearly detrimental to minorities and senior citizens being able to vote.  While driver’s licenses are a main picture ID, they are harder to obtain.  Some counties have no driver’s license facility.  The Legislature has reduced the staffing for licensing officers causing long waiting lines.

Without voting, democracy will die.  Efficiency of free and representative government will never have a decent result.  Locally we have witnessed the effects of the lowering of voter concern.  What happened in the Beaumont Independent School District is a prime example.  Not only were millions of dollars wasted, millions were stolen and clearly numerous people trusted with carrying out administration of public schools were mistrusted and failed in their duties to the rest of the people.  

Port Arthur is another example of poor leadership existing at the city level when only a small fraction of eligible voters chose to exercise their privilege to control those in charge of government, as I have pointed out many times to students when making speeches in schools.  How can you ignore a system that controls so many aspects of your life? How fast you can drive, how long you have to stay in school and finally, even how far in the ground you are buried when the end comes?  How can you ignore such consequences of not participating in how we make our rules?  It’s sort of like participating in an athletic tournament and failing to even take a glance of what the rules are.  If you choose not to do so, you will never win.  Unfortunately, too many Texans have chosen to not care about winning.  As one commentator recently pointed out, “The largest segment of the electorate unfortunately is the Non-Voting Party.  We have Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Non-Voters, unfortunately, the largest segment of our citizens.

If this trend continues, we will continue to have poor tax policies, a bleak future of preparing the next generation for the 21st Century, unfair taxes, poor international relations and, frankly, some real idiots serving in public office.  I, for one, do not relish the thought of such a future.  It’s up to us; it only takes a short time to get up and go early vote, or participate on Election Day.  If you fail to do so, you cannot claim to be a decent, caring citizen of the United States.