Texas leads, but where?

We Texans have a nationwide reputation, if not worldwide, for about bragging Texas. Unfortunately, there are some areas where our state leads that we do not, and should not, be bragging about. These areas need legislative and leadership intervention.

Texas leads in the number of low paid workers. While we boast about the spectacular growth, or the Texas miracle, mainly stemming from our oil industry, Texas still lags the nation in pay for people who live by the sweat of their brow.

It makes sense that in view of the fact that Texas leads the nation in workers with low pay that things like health care should quickly follow. In fact, Texas leads the nation in the number of residents who are uninsured. The primary reason for this, among others, is the fact that our governor and other state leaders have rejected billions of federal dollars to install the American Health Care Act. Unfortunately, Texans suffer for purely political reasons when it comes to health care.

And with the U.S among leading civilized nations with high infant and maternal mortality rates, it makes no sense that the state leadership has done all it can do to drive organizations like Planned Parenthood out of the state while providing no low cost prenatal care for its citizens.

Another failing of the state is that we have the highest debt for public education in the nation. Our “no new tax” policy, which has lasted for several decades now, has shifted the burden of public education from the state to...


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