TWFG: Seeing insurance in a whole new light

TWFG: Seeing insurance in a whole new light

Insurance is a complex yet important aspect of our lives. From homeowners insurance to car insurance, we don’t want to deal with it, but we need it. These necessities seem to be out of our control, and in many cases beyond our understanding. But Bobby Counts, branch owner and agent of Bobby Counts Insurance believes it doesn’t need to be like that.

Bobby Counts Insurance (affiliated with TWFG, or The Woodlands Financial Group, the largest independent insurance agency in Texas) is an award-winning independent insurance agency that supports the notion of insurance that truly fits their clients’ needs. The key is his independent status. His agency represents multiple insurance companies, allowing him to give his clients a wealth of options.

“We have more choices for our clients,” said Counts. “The reason we represent more than one company is because we’re able to do a better package for the customer — one size doesn’t fit all.”

Bobby Counts Insurance is able to meet the needs of its customers and has a slogan to fit that —“Our policy is caring.”

“Our policy is caring because we truly want to sell a policy that helps them,” explained Counts. “We don’t want to just sell them something to sell them something; we don’t sell state minimum liability limits; we don’t do it.”

State minimum liability limits are the base amount of coverage for a particular insurance, but those limits rarely cover the full amount that is needed. Counts is firm in the belief that people need to be properly covered in the event of a tragedy.

“We know that if they go out and injure someone that the state minimum limits are nothing,” said Counts. “We want to at least make sure they have a good policy.”

However, having better coverage does not mean you can’t save money. Counts has been able to help some in the community get better coverage and cut costs.

“What really feels good is when you’re talking to someone and you point out that they don’t have the right thing and you can explain to them, in common terms, why,” said Counts. “Then you are able to give them what they need, and this is the amazing part, you are still less expensive than who they are with now. We are able to upgrade them and still save them money.”

Counts also encourages others to take a look into their own policies, ask their agents questions and discover exactly what their policy covers.

“My advice to everyone is to sit down with your agent and have them explain the policy and policy coverages to them,” said Counts “It’s really important that they understand what type of policy they have and what it does for them. Not all policies are the same. The worst time to find out that you don’t have a good policy is when you file a claim. At that point, you have what you have.”

Counts’ selection of policies and companies gives his clients the choices to allow them to get the best possible solutions for their insurance needs. These factors ultimately set him apart from the average insurance company.

“What separates us from other insurance agencies is that we represent over 100 insurance companies, and our homeowners policies in Jefferson County include coverage for wind, hurricane and hail,” said Counts. “Most other insurance agencies have to write a separate policy for wind, hurricane and hail with the insurer of last resort, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).

Bobby Counts is showing Southeast Texas how insurance can be not only beneficial, but also affordable. The choices and knowledge provided by his agency are shaping how citizens in the community are seeing insurance.