Uniquely qualified district attorney

Bob Wortham

There is so much at stake for the residents of Jefferson County in the election that is now upon us. Not just a choice between what party will control the House and Senate, although who represents us in Washington is very important, but this hits much closer to home. We are making decisions that will have an immediate effect on the quality of life in Southeast Texas.

For well over a dozen years, what are termed “white collar” criminals have stolen tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars from residents of Jefferson County. These crimes are not limited to tax dollars lost through the corrupt hands of those at Beaumont ISD. In just one small investigation this newspaper did last year, the Matchmaker Matchmaker dating service came to Beaumont, its owner Harvey Luna appealing to mostly lonely widows and widowers and ultimately bilking thousands of dollars from those who many times lived on fixed incomes.

May of 2013 was a busy time for The Examiner. First we took the Matchmaker Matchmaker dating service investigation to the District Attorneys office. No interest. The state attorney general did pick up on the story, however, and began an investigation that resulted in freezing the scam company’s bank accounts and pretty much running them out of the state. No more victims in Jefferson County, but no thanks to our district attorney’s office. Also in May 2013, we brought the BISD CFO Devin McCraney “Spending Spree” investigation to the district attorney’s office; again, to absolutely no interest. Fortunately, the U.S. Attorney’s Office was interested. Just this week, Devin McCraney and his accomplice Sharika Allison reported to federal prison for 68 and 48 months, respectively, after admitting to bilking taxpayers out of over $4 million.

This happens every day in cities across the country; the difference is the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office had a “do nothing” attitude to what is termed white-collar crime.

Now is the time to change the status quo. We need Bob Wortham as our next district attorney in Jefferson County. Elect a man that has a proven track record as a prosecutor, as a U.S. Attorney appointed by President Ronald Reagan — not once, but twice. We have an opportunity to elect a uniquely qualified and genuinely honest man. Jefferson County voters can make a change and become a county where all who break the law get equal treatment, where wearing a shirt and tie to rob their victims will still be prosecuted with as much vigor as if they used a mask and gun. There is one thing you can do today to help save Jefferson County: elect Bob Wortham as the next Criminal District Attorney.