The Weekly Dish: Logon Cafe

The Weekly Dish: Logon Cafe

By Brandi Haskett

By Lauren Dodd

Staff Writers

Owner Ed Grissom says his pub is designed to be a place for people to take a break from the daily grind. “It’s still and always has been, I call it, ‘designed as a diffusion.’ You go out into the world, get stressed out, have anxiety. Isn’t it nice to come into a place and just diffuse?”

And that is just what happens when you walk through the doors. At first, one may seem confused. To the right are pool tables and to the left are display selves filled with computer parts, knick-knacks, and thingamabobs —remnants of the past that add to the 90’s-Logon nostalgia. Walk in a little further and it will become clear why you came. The mind races with wonder as you look over the seemingly randomness on the walls. Each fun, unique object tells a story, and you can be the author as you unwind with a tasty meal. You also won’t find a TV above the bar or in any corner, either.

“We’re not here to watch TV,” Grissom said. “Meeting people in a bar is much different than meeting people in a pup. Most of the people that come here aren’t crying in their beer. Life is great, it’s a great world and that’s what I want this place to make people feel like.”

The concept of Logon Café was dreamed up at a time when Grissom was in need of a life change. The transformation came in the form of a little Internet café, opened in 1997. Gazing over the counter, hanging between the newly invigorated craft brew selections, is a framed copy of the original Logon Café logo that Grissom created during a time of job dissatisfaction – something many young people can relate to.

“I walked out of my past life and walked in and started this life,” he said.

After more than 15 years as an Internet café, the Logon is emerging to entertain a new generation, while keeping many of the same elements that patrons of the venue have come to love. Many changes are in the works. The old coffee house logo has been replaced with a new modern design.

“It was time for a new logo with the taps coming in,” says Grissom.

Fresh food and delicious drinks

Offering a little bit of everything, the Logon’s menu offers soups, salads, sandwiches, dinner items and deserts – which include homemade chocolate cake balls. Recently, the craft brew selection has skyrocketed and is now up to 60 different types of beers. The pub has 10 draft beer taps, the Buried Hatchet mixed with St. Arnold’s Root Beer is a Logon original beer cocktail, called the Jolly Hatchet was one of our favorite. The logo isn’t the only upgrade the Logon is getting; a new menu will be rolling out soon with fresh names and a revitalizing spin on classic comfort food dishes. We were lucky enough to sample some of the newbies. 

The Pesto Turkey Presto is basically the best thing since grilled cheese! The sandwich is stuffed with Monterey jack cheese, pesto, diced tomatoes and tender sliced turkey and then grilled to perfection. 

The Veggie Hummer is a French-roll sandwich smeared with hummus and topped with thick-sliced cucumbers stacked on Roma tomatoes and sprinkled with feta cheese. The open-faced sandwich is baked until the tomatoes are tender. Both are served with a side of ‘Dirty’ chips.

Brandi:I loved the crisp, juicy cucumbers mixed with the tangy hummus on the new Veggie Hummer. It was the first time I’ve ever tried hummus, and it was awesome! The Fancy Lady, a mixture of white wine and sprite, was deliciously refreshing and I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty fancy drinking it too! 

Lauren:The sandwiches were great; my personal favorite was the Veggie Hummer – a healthy alternative with lots of flavor. The chili, offered daily, is made in house with hand-ground brisket, simmered in bombshell blonde ale. The chili is topped with chunky Roma tomatoes, black beans, onions and shredded cheese. This was the best chili I’ve had in a while, the hand-ground brisket made the chili. Logon server Stephen Romero, says it best: “Who’s going to complain about brisket?” 

Upcoming Events & Specials

One of the best things about Logon café and pub is its new brunch menu. In a city where most breakfast is served only before 10:30 on a Saturday (Is the sun even up at that absurd hour on the weekend?) this café serves up splendid food for your morning meal fix or to help relieve any “ailments” due to improprieties from the previous evening. Various items are available, but we are told the banana bread French toast, and the southern pulled pork eggs benedict are a must try. Get out of the house and swing by the Logon this month! 

Thursday, Aug. 14:Shiro Shojo Ramen Dinner @ 5 p.m., a taste testing for the newest joint venture between the Logon and Victoria Walker. Enlighten your palette by trying Walker’s southern take on Asian fare. We’ll be there! Thursday, Aug. 21:LEOpalloza Friday, Aug. 22:Lebowski Fest Friday, Aug. 29:Local Band Super Slam Party Time Extravaganza Every Tuesday:Karaoke Every Wednesday:Open Mic Night.

We cannot say enough about this place, but we’ll give Logon owner Ed Grissom the final word: “Ten years from now, I want to be one of the institutions that took the ‘bore’ out of the ‘mont.’”