The Yogurt Spot

The Yogurt Spot

Beaumont has a new cozy, modern hot spot to cool your palette and express your individuality. It’s The Yogurt Spot on the corner of Phelan at Dowlen in front of Exygon and next door to Subway.

Whether you Cake “Batter Up!” for a Chocolate Craving or Tiki Torro until you turn Totally Tart, you’re going to have fun tasting these tantalizing flavors at this self-serve, pay-by-the ounce healthy dessert bar.

Never heard “healthy” and “dessert” used in the same sentence? That’s because you’ve never had Red Velvet Luxe in a cup. That’s The Yogurt Spot’s creamy yogurt that tastes like red velvet cake and is only 140 calories for a 4-ounce serving. It’s the highest calorie yogurt The Yogurt Spot offers.

“Better than ice cream,” said Starla Foust, the franchisee who is bringing the Yogurt Spot to her native Southeast Texas. “I tasted around and liked this yogurt the best and wanted to have it in the area.”

Foust, who is a court reporter, said she was looking to do something different and needed a new challenge. She loves the taste of the yogurt but also the operation.“My personal favorite is Totally Tart with fresh strawberries on top,” said Foust, who was allowing mini-cup taste tests even before the store opened on May 26. “We have 11 flavors of yogurt and one sorbet, all with probiotics. The sorbet is our non-dairy option.”

All of The Yogurt Spot’s yogurt has real probiotics, the good bacteria known for aiding digestion as well as promoting other health benefits. In addition, yogurt made on site at the Yogurt Spot is gluten free, low-sugar and high in Vitamin D.

If savory sweet flavors with health benefits seems too good to be true, grab a cup of Fan-Tachio or Strawberry Fields Forever or a combo of the two and go through the “mixers” line. Here’s where your dessert becomes you, where you create your own fabulous flavors in a dessert that defines you — or as The Yogurt Spot slogan goes …  you can “Invent Yourself.”

“It can get pretty wild,” said Tri Nguyen, The Yogurt Spot’s corporate representative from Austin, where other Yogurt Spots are located. “I like Tiki Taro and Cookies-N- Cream and top it off with fresh strawberries or granola, almonds or all of them.”

Nguyen says the make-your-own concept allows people to get creative as much or as little as they want since the end product is purchased by weight.“The self-serve with the toppings bar is perfect for all people, including kids,” said Nguyen. “Since you pay by the ounce, you’re not buying a huge amount of dessert that goes to waste on a child.”

Parental supervision is paramount at The Yogurt Spot where 40 mix-ins like M&M’s, Oreos, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate rocks, frosted animal cookies and yogurt pretzels tempt and tease grownups, but practically and magically fly into the cups of the younger set.

A small low-cal mound of I Love NY Cheesecake yogurt can easily become a heaping high-calorie decadent treat, albeit a tasty turtle cheesecake-like treat, when caramel, chocolate morsels and peanuts top it off. For those who know the calorie difference between caramel-ensconced cheesecake and cheesecake covered with fresh strawberries, stop at the Yogurt Spot’s cold toppings bar for a scoop of fresh fruit instead of a more sugary mixer selection.

With so many possible combinations of flavors and toppings, the options are endless, and trying new concoctions is encouraged. The Yogurt Spot self-serve line pairs flavors next to one another like vanilla and chocolate and then provides a dispenser between two flavors that combines them in a swirl.

Burrr-berry can be eaten solo or combined with its mixer mate Strawberry Fields Forever for the berry best treat. But even if two flavors are not combined in a dispenser, patrons can mix as they choose. A patron favorite is the Razzgranate sorbet mixed with vanilla for a half-and-half Dreamsicle-like experience or the Strawberry Fields Forever with the Cake “Batter Up!” for a strawberry shortcake sensation.

Variety is only limited by one’s own creativity and not by the Yogurt Spot’s offerings, which will vary seasonally. Look for watermelon and orange flavors for summer, pumpkin in the fall, peppermint in winter and Irish mint in spring. Other flavors are added periodically, too.

This creamy concept is offered in a 1,400-square-foot, brightly lit and contemporary configuration that allows customers to try before they buy. Find tester cups for slurping samples before you filler up in the big cup for buying.

Mix and mingle and stay for a while. There are big screens and Wi-Fi, a long bar that overlooks the busy intersection and comfy booths easily accommodating 130 plus.There’s not too much cooler than healthy desserts, except the price per ounce — 39 cents. Sample. Slurp. Savor.