Youth football team volunteers at Giving Field

Youth football team volunteers at Giving Field

The Southeast Texas Oilers youth football team volunteered at the Giving Field on Liberty Street in Beaumont on March 15.

Twelve team members as well as several board members, coaches, and parents harvested 14 pounds of kale, which is enough to feed 56 people in need, Giving Field founder Sharon Begnaud explained to the volunteers.

The team also gathered eggs from the coop and planted beans.

April Parkerson, Oilers vice president, said that her son Jaelun’s favorite part of the afternoon was feeding the chickens. He told her that he learned about the importance of helping those in need and that “everybody deserves healthy food.”

Her daughter Halle, 7, said that her favorite part was digging up kale and petting the chickens.

Halle said that she wants to feed the homeless because “it makes me sad when I see them hungry.”


“My kids keep begging to go back,” team president and coach Rah-Rah Barber said. “[They] actually tried growing their own garden in the backyard.” Barber called it a “wonderful experience.”

“The Oilers are about so much more than playing football,” Parkerson said. “Our mission is to create a football family within our organization so that we can focus on giving back to the community and helping those in need while teaching our children the importance of doing so.”

Begnaud told the kids how many people the garden feeds and how many total pounds of kale they harvested. She also taught them how to plant the bean seeds — 4 inches apart — and planting them knuckle-deep in the dirt.

“My kids really enjoyed themselves and they want to go back!” said LaTambra Pierre, mother of player Draper Pierre.

“I felt like it was a great experience for the kids to [get] out in the community and gain a learning experience about how much effort it takes to grow crops,” said Jeremie Coleman, parent of player Ma’Khel Hockless. “Just the smiles on their faces told me that, especially when they found out how many people their crops will feed.”

Parkerson said that if there is a need within the community that the organization can help meet or another volunteer opportunity, reach out to the team at setxoilers [at] gmail [dot] com.