‘tis the season for snow cones

SnoBiz, 5945 College St., Beaumont • (409) 860-3474

SnoBiz, 5945 College St., Beaumont • (409) 860-3474


Spring officially began in March, and while the rest of the country enjoys bright, breezy days, the start of spring for Southeast Texas means the scorching heat and suffocating humidity are only weeks away. Have no fear because that means snow cone season is here!

While there are many stops around that can provide the sweet or sour flavored ice, there is one that stands above the rest, SnoBiz on College Street.

For over two decades, the quaint blue shop in front of Games People Play has been serving up fast, delicious snow cones with friendly service.

“I think that’s the key to our success,” said owner Veta Anthony. “Our flavors are tasty, and we have great customer service.”

Anthony took over the business more than 20 years ago from her children and moved the shop to its present location. She and her twin sister, Rita, ran the shop together and were famously known throughout the area as “the Sno Biz twins” until Rita passed. Anthony can still be found mixing flavors and pouring on the good stuff behind the counter.

“I love talking and visiting with my customers,” Anthony said. “It’s nice to see how much they enjoy our cones, and asking about our flavors.”

Since the Biz has been a local staple for so long, generations have been able to soak up the goodness and pass along their favorite treats.

“We have so many people who come up here with their children and say, ‘My mom used to bring me to this place when I was young, and now I’m bringing my kids,” Anthony said. “It’s such a wonderful feeling.”

The Menu

There are about 100 different flavors to choose from when ordering your perfect snow cone, and infinite combinations can be made.

This year’s new addition is Chocolate Lovers. While you are free to pick and create any mixture you would like, there are several house mixtures that are proven hits. Flavors like Batman, a combination of grape and pineapple, or Tiger’s Blood, cherry and coconut blended together, are wonderful concoctions to try. If you are not in the mood for something sweet, sour or tart flavors are also available. Pickle juice, straight from a jar, is a favorite as well as Jamaican Me Crazy. Whichever wild syrup you choose, don’t forget to add the cream! The sweet cream is a family recipe and goes great on top of any cone.

“The cream is so good, we have customers asking for just the cream flavor,” Anthony said.

Snow cones also come in various sizes such as small, medium, large, Texas and giant. Whatever size or flavor you select, you are sure to get a perfect tasting treat. Anthony says it’s all about the ice.

“We make Hawaiian Shaved Ice,” she said. “You have to get the ice just right – not too crunchy and not too thin.”

What we ate

With a menu of over 100 flavors to choose from, picking just one to try was too hard. So we picked three: Chocolate Lovers, Wedding Cake with cream and Jamaican Me Crazy.


Chocolate Lovers

This was the most decadent snow cone we have ever tasted. The smooth chocolately goodness wasn’t overpowering, and we bet it would taste great mixed with other flavors.


Wedding Cake with cream

This is a top seller at SnoBiz, and we can see why. The sweet treat tasted like the real dessert, and the cream was a perfect touch. The cream itself was so delicious that we could see how people request just that as their flavor.


Jamaican Me Crazy

This flavor was more tart than the previous two, but still just as good. The mixture of tropical flavors gave us an island sensation in the middle of Beaumont.

Even though we purchased small sizes, they were plenty to sample from. However, we suggest a bigger size on hotter days. The ice had a great texture and there was plenty of syrup to cover the whole cone.

SnoBiz offers stamp cards when you purchase any beverage, and after the 10th drink, you can receive a free large snow cone. Smoothies made with real fruit and frozen coffee are also available if you are not in the mood for snow cones. Also ask about sugar free options. They have something for everyone!


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