Always steak season

Always steak season

For us, the term “surf and turf” doesn’t quite do justice for the menu at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse, but we must admit that the crawfish, the stuffed flounder and the seafood fondue have kept us a little occupied so that we nearly overlooked the steaks at the Texas steakhouse.

But after tasting the steak at Floyd’s, we recommend you go on ahead and make your way on to their turf.

“Sometimes ‘Texas Steakhouse’ gets lost behind the ‘Floyd’s Cajun Seafood,’ but we are a steakhouse, too. We have several people who come here to get their steaks,” said Paul Knobloch, general manager at Floyd’s. “It’s always been Floyd’s contention that he needed to keep a good cut of meat for the steak eaters and the people who came to a seafood house that didn’t eat seafood.”

As it turns out, Floyd’s sells as much steak as it does seafood — and the kitchen pays close attention to the preparation of their steaks.

“We don’t marinate; we season,” said Knobloch, adding that even with the seasoning, they were selective. “We cooked two T-bones side by side a while back and about six of us tasted it, and every one of us chose the seasoning that we use. The key to it was that when you first bit into that steak right up until it went down, that good steak taste stayed with you.”

We tried the 16-ounce Texas sirloin, and we were pleasantly impressed with the buttery, natural flavor that stayed with us, from the very first bite all the way through all 16 ounces of the steak.

“If someone wants a good cut of meat, if they ask you to fix a good steak, they want to taste steak. They don’t want to taste seasoning. When you taste our steaks here, you’re not overwhelmed by seasoning — it’s juicy and you taste the flavor all the way down; you’re not overwhelmed by spices or herbs or everything that’s in the seasoning. The flavor is overwhelmed by nothing.”

We must admit, though, that we were a little overwhelmed by the fact that our investigator was able to finish off 16 ounces of sirloin with no problem. But Floyd’s has a great steak selection for everyone’s preferences — 12 ounce sirloin, ribeyes in 12 and 16 ounces, T-bones and the New York strip — and a newer option on the menu is the petite 10-ounce sirloin filet, which Knobloch said is incredibly popular.

After you’ve tried the steaks, we’ll understand if you flip-flop between the sea and the land, as crawfish season is in full swing at Floyd’s.

“They’re still coming in plentiful and large,” Knobloch said reassuringly. Currently Floyd’s offers a special featuring a platter of crawfish and a bucket of six seven-ounce beers, and of course their stuffed flounder is a crowd pleaser, as well — stuffed with pure crabmeat.

Floyd’s will satisfy your palate whether you prefer seafood or steaks, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t dare you to make your way over to their turf one way or another.