Amuny’s Liquor & Deli:

Amuny’s Liquor & Deli:

One of the best Po’boys in Southeast Texas can be found in one of the most unlikely of places.

Head to Port Arthur to Gulfway Drive. Go one block past Ninth Avenue across from the old Sabine bank to Amuny’s Liquor & Deli.

The front entry on Gulfway takes you past the spirits, across the black and white checkered floor to the deli counter at the back of the spacious store. A separate deli door is on the side of the building, giving you access to Shonette Pruett and her two daughters, Tara Marsh and Kelly Pruett, deli divas and your connection to quick, delicious sandwiches for a bargain.

Six days a week, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pruett and her daughters make at least 100 sandwiches, multiple party trays and dozens of cookies. Holiday hours vary.Choose from 10 different sandwich selections made on white or wheat bread baked fresh daily that is slightly crusty on the outside but soft as butter on the inside.Smack down on the original Po’boy stacked with ham, salami, provolone cheese, mayo, pickles and relish or double the meat by ordering the Super. There’s a roast beef with American cheese and a Cajun roast beef made with pepper jack cheese. Try the turkey or smoked turkey, tuna or chicken salad. Regular patrons, whom Pruett and her daughters know by name and order preference, savor the chipped beef and boudain sandwiches.

All Po’boys are $4 with the exception of the Super, which is $5.99, and the chicken salad available for $4.49. Add lettuce, tomatoes or onions to any sandwich for an additional $.30. Lunch for under $5 is a reality in this corner of Southeast Texas.

Grab a 12-inch sub sandwich on the go or sit and munch your dinner or lunch at one of the wooden booths that comfortably seat four. A variety of chips and bottled drinks are available to complement your main course.

The liquor/food combination is convenient come party time. Amuny’s is a one-stop shop offering party trays of cookies, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit and the local favorite — the Egg & Pepper tray.

Choose from a variety of cookies including macadamia, peanut butter, chocolate chip and sugar available by the dozen. Get five dozen cookies for only $32.50.The same sandwich selections available for individual consumption can be prepared for party purposes. A 120-piece sandwich tray — $76. Feed as few as eight to 10 or as many as 60 with Amuny’s fresh vegetable and fruit trays. But don’t forget the Egg & Pepper. This Amuny’s original features deviled eggs and stuffed jalapeno peppers. Try one before you buy for 50 cents each. Like Amuny’s other flavorful fare, these finger foods are prepared fresh daily.

Think the liquor-deli combination strange? It’s been a Port Arthur institution since 1953. Originally owned by the Antone family, makers of Antone’s Famous Po’boys, who have two delis in Houston, the location is the property of the Messina brothers, a name synonymous in Southeast Texas with the liquor store business.The brothers six (Frank, Joe, Jude, Vincent, Tom and Michael) own two Debb’s Liquor locations on Phelan Boulevard and on College Street, Messina’s Liquor on Magnolia Street and Larry’s Discount Liquor on Memorial in Port Arthur. The Messinas purchased Amuny’s in 1998. Michael, the youngest brother, manages the location, which is the only one to offer food.

Not all liquor stores are the same. Amuny’s Liquor & Deli at 3748 Gulfway Drive in Port Arthur is a Southeast Texas landmark.

For more information, call Amuny’s at (409) 982-6291.