Ana’s Mexican Bakery delivers the goods … and they are very good

Ana’s Mexican Bakery delivers the goods … and they are very good

Whether you call the bakery Ana’s, or Anna’s as many do, the food served there will win you over immediately. Albaro Rafael Reyes, the owner and manager of the shop at 2570 Calder Ave. in Beaumont, says the correct name is Ana’s but that some advertising was done, along with his sign out front, citing the name as “Anna.”

“The bakery is named for my wife, Ana Garcia, and she spells her name with only one ‘n.’ We must get this corrected,” he said Ana is the chief baker for both the new shop in Beaumont and the 11-year-old location at 3426 Gulfway Drive in Port Arthur.

It doesn’t seem to matter what name you call the bakery — customers are flocking there for the fresh baked delights offered seven days a week. When a customer walks into the brightly lit and well-decorated shop, they are handed a large, metal tray and a pair of tongs and are invited to shop along the walls and from the huge baskets. Part of the fun in buying there is the choosing. It often takes families and other groups longer to make their purchase because they all want their favorite from the goodies lined up and waiting.

Victor Hernandez was an exception to the shopping rule. He walked right in, was handed his tray and tongs, and marched over to his personal favorites, the orejas ears, and filled a big box. “We used to have to drive all the way to Port Arthur to get these,” said Hernandez, a long time customer of Ana’s. “But now, we can come here to the new Beaumont shop to get our fill.” The orejas ears were a big, flat, flakey concoction with swirls rather looking somewhat like an ear to the casual observer. “I come about twice a week,” he laughed. “I am very happy that Al decided to open the new shop here about a month ago. I have gone to Port Arthur for years to eat their baked goods.”

The menu features 72 different items to choose from along with drinks, juices and colas. One of the best selling items always is the conchas or egg bread, which fills big baskets in the center of the bakery. Every customer has his or her own favorite (or more than one) and many come with a purpose — to get just what they want.

Reyes said he and his wife moved to our area about 11 years ago from Mexico and started the first shop in Port Arthur, working hard and putting in long hours to see that it was successful. “We wanted to open this new shop in Beaumont, but we had to work out all of the details and now, here it is. We are happy to offer our goods to the people of this area and are very pleased at our reception so far.” The shop also has a lovely patio out back, where even on a cool Southeast Texas day, families were seen enjoying the scenery and especially the two water fountains that offer such a serene and inviting landscape. “The patio is available for parties and gatherings,” said Reyes.

Friends from an Old Town neighborhood in Beaumont, calling themselves “The Hood Ornaments,” gathered for a time of enjoyment during the holiday season, and each had ordered a different sandwich or burrito with all being in agreement that the food and atmosphere was extremely good and pleasant. “We love having this new shop here on Calder,” said Ellen McIntosh. “Our big question is what to try next.”

The more than 2,500-square-foot bakery is open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. each day with fresh goods filling the big shelves daily. To pre-order for larger quantities, call (409) 212-8450.

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