Barbeque Beaumont can be proud of

G7 BBQ sandwhichat Boomtown BBQ Company

It’s all about location, location, location. Since 2011, the Swanson’s have been jumping around Beaumont to find the perfect place to expand their brand, and it seems they have found their sweet spot. Since moving off of Calder, patrons have been able to grab a quick lunch easier, and business has never been better.

Booming with flavor

When walking into the eatery, you can tell this is a no-fuss place that takes its barbecue seriously. The tables are decorated with a paper towel roll, and a giant bottle Boomtown’s famous sauce — what else is needed? The sauce is uniquely presented in recycled whiskey, vodka and gin bottles, and adds a little fun when pouring on the good stuff.

“Eat Local” is a staple Boomtown is known for. Besides using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, the company also participates in various local events, and displays flyers and magazines to encourage customers to do the same.

Sandwiches, smoked meats by the pound, sides and desserts are ordered at the counter, as well as your beverage.Boomtown BBQ is known for its “Twisted BBQ.” The G7, Taco Bomb, BBQ Nachos, Boomer and Torpedoes are distinctive to the diner and incorporate different meats and ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind meal. To-go orders, drive through pick-ups, and catering is also available. Be sure to grab dinner, as Boomtown offers a different deal each day of the week.

Boomtown Nightly Specials

Monday – Sandwich night: Sandwiches $5.50, G7 & Brisket $6.50

Tuesday/Thursday – Rib night: 1/2 Rack $8, Full $16

Wednesday – Chicken night: Smoked chicken halves $5

Friday/Saturday – 1 beer for $2, 2 beers for $3

What we ate

G7 Sandwich ($7.50) – Pulled pork, sliced beef, queso blanco, and barbecue sauce. This sandwich is STACKED. Juicy, smoked, pulled pork was a mile high and layered with thick, tender pieces of sliced beef on a fluffy bun. The delicious, creamy queso blanco sauce had just enough heat and blended well with the tangy, thin barbecue sauce.

BBQ Nachos ($7.50) – Pulled pork and queso blanco on round tortilla chips with onions and jalapenos. These are not your regular nachos. A mound of the same succulent pulled pork that’s on the G7 is plopped on top of crispy chips along with a heaping amount of cheesy queso blanco, and topped with what seemed to be a pound of peppers.

Boomtown BBQ isn’t skimpy with the goods. Both meals were big enough for two, even though you will probably not want to share.

Take a little boom with you.

Boomtown’s sweet, savory barbecue sauce is available for purchase in two different sizes, and colorful, festive shirts are also offered for diehard enthusiasts.

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