Beaumont factory cranks out pastries with delicious fillings

Beaumont factory cranks out pastries with delicious fillings
Beaumont factory cranks out pastries with delicious fillings

The Kolache Factory is the brainchild of John and Jerri Banks, who wanted to serve Houstonians quality, fresh breakfast on the go. In 1982 they opened their first restaurant, providing classic Czech and European pastries in a variety of sweet and savory flavors. For those who might not know, a kolache is a warm, delicious, slightly sweet, fresh-baked pastry traditionally filled with sausage, cheese or fruit. Most Texans were familiar with the concept of a quick breakfast mix inside an edible pouch, but not so much with the term; the Banks spent almost as much time explaining the term “kolache” as they did baking. The Texas chain restaurant has nearly 50 locations across the state, a few restaurants throughout the nation’s breadbasket (Illinois, Kansas and Missouri) and nearly seven years go opened the Beaumont location.

Welcome to the factory

The relatively small chain has been recognized across the country as one of the Top 5 drive-throughs in America by the Food Network, named one of the fastest growing companies in Houston, and was recently declared one of the Top 50 food service bakeries in the United States by Modern Baking magazine. The quick-breakfast restaurant is even in talks with Major League sports franchise!

When stepping into the white brick building of the Beaumont location, kolaches line the wall behind the counter. Step up to order, and don’t forget your drink in the cooler on the side. Tables beside the large windows are ready for you to relax before heading out on your daily journey. In a hurry? No problem. The bakery also has a drive-through.

Fast, quality breakfast food

Kolaches can be conveniently consumed anywhere, from the car, to meetings, to the baseball field. Kolache Factory features 25 different kolaches that are perfect to eat anytime.

During different times of the year, the bakery adds special seasonal flavors to their menu of 25 different varieties they offer every day. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, turkey and stuffing kolaches are a hit, as well as pumpkin and pecan pie. The Kolache Factory offers up all types of menu items from sweet to savory and spicy; if you want a traditional breakfast food, they most likely have it already rolled up and ready for you to take. Several types of fruit are available as well as different mixtures of eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and jalapenos. They even have a boudain kolache, sure to please the Cajun in us all. Savory cheese and spinach torts as well as ranchero-style pouches are also ready to walk out the door.

What we ate

Bacon egg and cheese – The seemingly typical breakfast combination was delicious in the fluffy dough ball. Real eggs, bacon and cheese were stuffed into the soft roll and even for its size, we could see a couple of them filling you up until lunch.

Sausage, cheese and jalapeno – This combination is quite common around donut shops in the area, but The Kolache Factory takes this pocket to a whole new level. Each bite has a punch of heat from the peppers, and the sausage is tender and flavorful.

Turkey stuffing wrap – Now, we know what you might be thinking: “I just had turkey for the past week!” However, you need to try the bird like this. Juicy, sliced turkey breast is wrapped around stuffing and packed inside slightly salty dough. It’s the best way to get your turkey fix if you are still craving it from your Thanksgiving feast.

Pumpkin pie – This kolache tort is pretty straight forward — pumpkin pie on top of the famous Kolache Factory dough. All that is missing is whipped cream, and you are right back at the dessert table.

Pecan pie – A mixture of warm brown sugar syrup and chopped pecans is piled on top of the tort, and it has a wonderful aroma of sweet spices. A must-try when you are craving some pie.

Lemon – The fruit kolcahes are delicious. The mixture of the taste and texture of slightly salty bread and the sweet creamy fruit filling is wonderful. Don’t forget to check out the apple, cream cheese, and assorted berries flavors also.

Boudian – We love eating boudain! Thankfully, the Kolache Factory has made a portable version of our favorite link so we can eat it on the go anytime without worrying about the mess. The spicy rice and meat mixture is delicious.

Be the office hero

The Kolache Factory offers to-go orders and provides catering for all of your breakfast needs. The handheld tasty pouches are always a perfect office meal, and you will be the morning hero when your co-workers see the little red chef on the white box.