Boss Burger brings the heat, eats to Boston Avenue

Boss Burger brings the heat, eats to Boston Avenue

He walks into the restaurant with an unmatched swagger, greeting diners as he passes, speaking to each one individually. His hat (turned backwards) reads “Boss” in bold white letters. He checks in with the kitchen and wait staff, joking and helping where he can. This man is Joe Oates, owner of Boss Burger in Nederland.

Oates, originally from Long Island, opened Boss Burger in 2014, the first location a trailer complete with picnic tables on Twin City Highway. Oates explains that through an act of desperation and faith in God, Boss Burger was able to move to its current location on Boston Avenue.

The restaurant is full of personality, like the owner himself. The eatery’s ceiling is covered in Christmas lights and Mardi Gras beads, with other interesting signs and decorations adorning the walls. The restaurant truly adds to the charm of the Boston Avenue area. The menu also reflects this personality, with interestingly titled burgers like “Berklee,” after a burger found in Boston, or “Aloha,” a Hawaiian themed burger with umbrella garnish.

Though it’s called “Boss Burger,” the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and treats. Aside from the interesting burgers on the menu, Boss Burger also offers tacos, an “offshore” menu, which is seafood focused, and “Lyte Bytes,” which is everything from hot dogs to salads. There are also milkshakes on the menu, which the owner said he had to work at to truly perfect.

Boss Burger is also very veteran friendly, offering a veteran discount and a personal thank you for their service.

The El Chapo burger is named after the famous drug lord because of the jalapeños, and if you wanted some heat in your burger all you have to do is dig in. Get it? The burger features a beef patty, grilled ham, pepper-jack cheese, avocado and jalapeño. The grilled ham works with the beef to create a rich, savory and bold flavor. The jalapeños and pepper-jack cheese give the savory flavor a enjoyable spicy flare, while the avocado adds its signature taste to tie together the entire ensemble into one delicious, flavorful package.

The regular fries are the classic picture of burger joint fries. The crispy, golden and savory fries really add to the picturesque, American burger experience. All that is needed is a milkshake with a striped straw.

The Island Chicken Tacos are a portal to a tropical island. The tacos are made up of tortillas topped with chicken, shredded cabbage, and mango salsa. The chicken is a great vehicle for the taco, combining with the crunch of the cabbage to show the diner that not all tacos are created equal. However, it’s the mango salsa that really shines in this meal, bringing the whole taco to a new plane. The salsa seems to bring an island breeze and smell of saltwater to this burger place in the heart of Nederland.

All the amazing flavors to be tasted at Boss Burger pales in comparison to the titular condiment — Boss Sauce. Boss Sauce is a deliciously spicy sauce that is larger than life. It’s full flavor and perfect amount of kick is great on burgers, fries or anything in between. Boss Sauce is a great representation of Boss Burger itself, Delicious.

All in all, Boss Burger seems to be the burger joint Southeast Texas not only needs, but deserves. Filled with flavor, spirit and tons of personality.

Boss Burger is at 1147 Boston Ave. Call (409) 767-2778.