Bring a big appetite when you come to Moz

Mofo burger, chicken strip basket, philly cheesesteak
Jeff Moreland prepares the ‘1-foot pancake.’

From its Mofo burger and sidewinder fries to its ginormous pancakes, Moz Grill has something for everyone, and it’s all good. With locations in Orange, Mauriceville, Port Arthur/Port Acres, Kountze and Cove (near Baytown) in a Crawdad’s Convenience Center near you, Moz offers superb cooking, reasonable prices, and the friendly service you might expect at a Mom and Pop burger joint.

Moz’s location just off I-10 at FM 1442 in Orange has been open since 2007 and not only attracts freeway traffic but also many regulars who live nearby. Jim Moore of Orange said he stops at the restaurant daily for a late breakfast. Unlike other area restaurants and fast food chains, Moz serves breakfast all day, adjusting its schedule to the customer and not the other way around.

“I’ve been coming here ever since the place opened. I eat here every day. I’ll eat a ham and biscuit or an egg breakfast,” Moore said.

We estimated the pancakes must have been close to a foot wide by a foot long. While our measurements might be slightly off, these pancakes are no joke and fill the large plate they come on. The order calls for two, but Moz cook Jeff Moreland said that he has never witnessed a customer finish two full ‘cakes.

As the rest of the menu goes, Moreland said customers love the freshness and seasoning of Moz’s burgers.

“We use French onion and Worcestershire in a 7-ounce patty,” Moreland said. “Our bread is a sourdough, and it’s always real fresh. We have white, wheat and jalapeno cheddar buns, and the jalapeno cheddar isn’t too spicy. Even the people who don’t like spicy stuff like it.”

What we ate

The Mofo – We had to try the Mofo burger, the big daddy of the bunch. Served with fried jalapenos, a creamy chipotle sauce, and fresh pepper jack, this burger packs quite a punch. With a side of uniquely curved, deliciously crisp and beer-battered sidewinder fries, this meal is fit to satisfy. Add your favorite dressings at the condiment bar to get it just right.

Philly Cheesesteak

For those who believe you can’t get a good Philly cheesesteak south of the Mason-Dixon line, you need to try Moz’s version. With grilled onions, bell peppers, savory steak, and American Swiss cheese, this juicy delight doesn’t disappoint.

Chicken Strips 

Cook Jeff Moreland said his most recent compliment from a customer on Moz’s chicken strips was that each strip looked like a whole chicken. Maybe he was exaggerating a bit, but this restaurant isn’t stingy with its portions of chicken, and they are breaded to perfection and as succulent as they come. Add some sidewinder fries, and you will be all set.


Yes, just one. It was grilled the way a pancake should be — not too thick, not too chewy and cooked with a little crunch. Add the butter and syrup. Dare we say perfection?


This particular Moz Grill location also provides healthy items including a variety of salads such as grilled chicken, chef salad, shrimp salad, turkey salad and ham salad with homemade croutons.

Whether you are stopping by for a quick bite while you fuel up or live nearby, Moz Grill is worth a try. Chances are if you give it a go, you will become a regular like Jim.

“It’s just a good atmosphere. It’s clean, the food’s good, and it’s got good service — everything you could ask for,” he said.

If you are in hurry, grab a crawfish pie, beef and bean burrito, or Zummo link.

But take our word for it, everyone deserves a cheat day and everyone deserves a stop at Moz Grill. Just don’t forget to ask Jeff for some fried green beans.