A cut above ...

James Mouton, butcher at Robert’s Meat Market for more than 24 years
12-ounce ribeye, loaded baked potato and mixed vegetables

If you can’t find something on Robert’s menu you like, then you probably won’t find it anywhere. From fresh-cut ribeye steaks and lobster to enchiladas and gumbo, the restaurant pretty much has any dish you can fathom.

“Everything except pasta,” said Tabitha Risinger, who has been restaurant manager at Robert’s Meat Market and Steak House for 12 years. “Some people eat here twice a day, every day.”

And if you just can’t seem to decide — because believe us, it’s hard with all the great choices — you can get a great deal by opting for the restaurant’s steam table meal, which has a variety of menu items available Monday – Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

“We always have chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken, beef tips, and gumbo on the steam table, but on Mondays, we have liver and onions, and there’s fish on Wednesdays and Fridays,” Risinger said.

You can get a small steam table plate, which comes with one meat choice and two vegetable choices and includes a dessert and bread for $9.50, or if you’ve got a bigger appetite, choose the two-meat, two-vegetable plate for only a dollar more.

What sets Robert’s apart from its competition?

“You can go to the meat market and pick your meat, if you want to do it that way, but all our meats we cook at the restaurant are fresh from our market next door,” Risinger said. “Everything is homemade and hand-battered. … We get nothing frozen, as far as meat goes.”

“All the meat is fresh and there are no additives,” adds Tina Myers, general manager at Robert’s.

Myers has been at Robert’s since the start, long before Robert’s Steak House opened 13 years ago. The meat market has been around since 1980 and was originally on Simmons Drive.

“He was a meat cutter by trade, but always wanted to open a restaurant,” Myers said of owner Robert Rameriz. She’s worked for him for 35 years. “After he and his wife, Rebecca, first got married, he worked as a chef in California.”

“At one time we had three stores open — we had Simmons Drive, this market (at 3720 W Park Ave.), and he had bought Danny’s Food Center in West Orange,” she continued.

James Mouton, butcher at Robert’s Meat Market has been working for Robert’s for more than 24 years.

“When it comes to cutting meat, you can’t beat him,” Myers said, adding that a majority of employees (there are 54) have been working for Ramirez for 10 plus years.

“He’s good to work for,” Risinger said.

Although the meat market, which opened in 1994, on West Park Avenue is the only Robert’s Meat Market currently in operation, both the market and the restaurant addition is bustling with business. Besides the great food, one reason for the restaurant’s success is that it can accommodate large groups of customers, even without reservation.

If you do happen to plan ahead and make a reservation, if your party has more than 50 people, you can get a private steam table with your choice of two meats and three vegetables with bread and dessert for only $14.50 a person including tax and tip. Not a bad deal at all.

“We have banquet rooms and a full bar,” Risinger said. “We get a lot of meetings … and we have a lot of wedding (receptions), too.”

What we tried

It’s hard to beat a good steak, especially at a place that is known for its great meat. The 12-ounce ribeye is a great choice. It’s fresh and juicy and comes with a loaded baked potato or french fries, and salad and bread.

At a restaurant like Robert’s that has such a vast variety of options, it’s easy to overlook the Mexican food section on the menu. Don’t!

Not only are the chips and salsa superb, but the Mexican Pizza is also a must try. A crisp flour tortilla with beans, beef, guacamole, black olives, jalapenos, cheese and salsa, this pizza comes highly recommended.

Every restaurant in Texas touts the coveted chicken fried steak, and after trying hundreds (probably more), it would be hard to find another as good as what Robert’s served. Not only is it the size of two plates, but it is also the most tender CFS and super easy to cut. The meat was moist and not stringy, and breaded perfectly. And to top it off, you get your choice of brown or cream gravy.

Don’t forget to try the sweet tea!


— Chad Cooper contributed to this article