Dialing back to the Logon Café again … and again

Dialing back to the Logon Café again … and again
Dialing back to the Logon Café again … and again

Back when the Logon Café first opened for business, things were different. The process of connecting meant “dialing up” for  5 to 45 minutes. Floppy discs kept everyone’s files safe and sound, Kid Pix could make an abstract artist out of anybody, and teachers had Wikipedia-free essays to read, thanks to Encyclopedia Britannica. Sure, typing was tough, but Mavis Beacon could teach you.

It was the ’90s, a simpler time. The cyber café was a hip place you coulpd surf the net, and in 1997 Ed Grissom gave Beaumont an Internet coffeehouse.

“I used to have about a dozen computers people rented for years,” Grissom said.

Grissom earned his industrial engineering degree at Lamar University over the course of 20 years as a night school student. After working as an engineer, he decided to work for himself and do something different, so he thought about what he could bring to the community.

“I just thought, what do I like? Well, I like coffee alright; I like alcohol alright; I like music alright …” said Grissom. “I’m just a typical old man, ya know?”

That may be, but the former dial-up Internet provider continues to attract customers because Grissom’s dot-com-boom establishment has evolved with the times and its customers beyond the coffee house fare, especially when it comes to the food.

“I’ve always been on the healthy side,” Grissom said of his menu. But that’s really the only thing you can count on to stay the same.

 “A menu should always be in transition,” he said. “I like pulled pork, so I’ve been playin’ with that lately.”

Grissom’s pulled pork is definitely a trending hit at the Logon lately – marinated in a homemade dressing, savory pulled pork is piled on top of a slice of bread over fresh spinach and topped with a fried egg – ditch one layer and you’ve got yourself paleo-friendly meal.

Also among the crowd favorites Logon is currently serving are the pulled pork quesadillas, hummus, stuffed mushrooms, black bean chili, and turkey or pesto sandwiches. And then there’s the Yuppie.

The Yuppie features an English muffin topped with spinach, fried eggs, cream cheese and romaine tomatoes – accompanied with a bag of chips, this dish makes for a tragically hip-looking meal perfect for every young urban professional in town.

As food items come and go, the changing menu has been known to get a few sighs from the crowd, and from time to time a diner with a broken heart.

“We had a great Ruben, and I’m really kinda sad,” Grissom shared.

But if it’s true love, we’re pretty sure the Ruben will return. Meanwhile, Grissom has added a variety of spirits to lift your spirits. The Logon Café is the only growler distributer in Beaumont, and the wiz kids behind the bar have created interesting beverages like the Jolly Hatchet and the house favorite Buzz Beer, a coffee stout brew beer mixed with espresso.

Of course, the atmosphere of the place (spanning 5,000 square feet) is out of this world. You’ll see what we mean.

The LogOn nightlife is also known for maintaining a pretty eclectic line-up of events that draw quite a crowd - Sharknado movie nights, Celtic string quartets, Beastie Boys cover bands, and recently, a dad-bod contest.

And every Thursday and Friday, renegade chef-master extraordinaire Monica Cobb hijacks the lunch menu to sell Banh Mon fare that you’ll just have to see for yourself. 

“There’s day and there’s night, but this here is a place to come and chill,” Grissom said. “It’s low-key so if you’ve got business to tend to or work to do, it’s still a study place during the day. Sit on the couch, study.”

The Logon Café is still a pretty hip place to do the coffeehouse things you like to do. And of course, you can find Logon Café on Facebook. 

“Come on in, be happy,” Grissom said.