Fine dining aside, here are some treats you might enjoy

Fine dining aside, here are some treats you might enjoy

Since we didn’t have much of a winter in Southeast Texas, what better time than now for some ice cream. How about a new flavor from Blue Bell?

Feb. 24, Blue Bell announces it’s newest flavor — Ice Cream Cone. The tasty treat is vanilla ice cream loaded with dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts and surrounded by a chocolate sundae sauce swirl.

“We may have solved one of the biggest dilemmas for ice cream fans, cone versus bowl,” said Ricky Dickson, Blue Bell president, in a press release. “Ice Cream Cone is a great combination of everything you would expect: vanilla ice cream, chocolate and cone pieces. And a cone always needs a topping, so we added in the chopped roasted peanuts. Ice Cream Cone is about as close to perfection as you can get.”

It will be available for a limited time in half gallon and pint sizes.

“This is our first brand new flavor of the year, and you can expect a few more in the coming months,” Dickson said.

Already in stores from Blue Bell are the flavors Chocolate Almond Marshmallow, Coconut Fudge and Sea Salt Caramel.

Sticking with the ice cream theme, Sonic offers half-price shakes and ice cream slushes after 8 p.m. now through the summer.

“America’s Favorite Drive-In” has also added a new breakfast item to the menu. For a limited time, enjoy the Pancake on a Stick — a savory breakfast sausage link wrapped in a warm, fluffy pancake and served on a stick with a side of sweet, maple syrup (240 calories).

It was announced a few weeks ago that Canadian company Restaurant Brands International, which owns Burger King, purchased Popeyes for $1.8 billion. Popeyes, famous for it’s chicken, biscuits and red beans and rice, was founded in New Orleans in 1972 and has grown to more than 2,600 restaurants around the world.

The sale is expected to be final in April.

Speaking of Burger King and chicken, returning to the BK menu are the Jalapeño Chicken Fries (300 calories), which are $2.99 per nine-piece order

With McDonald’s creating the Chocolate Shamrock Shake (510 calories), Burger King whipped out the return of the Oreo Mint Shake (740 calories).

Coincidently, Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month for March is Mint Oreo.

Pizza, pizza. Now available at Little Caesars is the new Smokehouse Pizza. It’s a large, round pizza with beef brisket, pulled pork, applewood-smoked bacon and barbecue sauce, plus a smokehouse-seasoned crust.

With Easter on the way, Oreos has announced a limited edition cookie called Peeps Oreos available now at Walmart. It’s marshmallow Peeps-flavored crème in between two Golden Oreos.

Thirsty? Try the new Sprite Cherry or Sprite Cherry Zero now in a bottle.

If breakfast is on your mind, IHOP has announced three new items on the Sugar & Spice lineup including the Sticky Bun Waffle (930 calories), Red Velvet French Toast (1,120 calories) and Cinnamon Roll French Toast (1,700 calories).

With one location in Beaumont and Orange, Carl’s Jr. now offers their Breakfast Burger (830 calories) all day. It consists of a charbroiled beef patty, bacon, egg, hash browns, American cheese, ketchup on a sesame seed toasted bun.

Want to get married in Las Vegas and at a Taco Bell? Well, here’s your chance. This summer, Taco Bell’s flagship restaurant Taco Bell Cantina, which is located on the Vegas Strip near Planet Hollywood, is offering weddings that will be held on the second floor of the restaurant.

All you need is your marriage license. Head to the restaurant and order the wedding on the menu for a small price of $600.

What do you get with this wedding?

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A ceremony in the Taco Bell Cabana chapel with an ordained official, private area for a reception for up to 15 people, customized merchandise, Taco 12 pack with Cinnabon Delights; and a sauce packet bouquet for the bride.