Geo Burrito

Geo Burrito

When you walk into Geo Burrito, there’s a lot to take in. From the earth-toned walls with images showcasing the planet’s natural beauty to the inviting menu.With three premium meat options: chicken, beef and pork; and two seafood options: shrimp and fish; three different types of beans; three different types of rice; eight different sauces; and an impressive display of fresh vegetables, Geo Burrito satisfies even the pickiest guest with a quality meal of his or her own creation.If you want a burrito, you have four different types of tortillas to choose from: white, honey wheat, jalapeno cheese or spinach. If you want a taco, you can order a soft, crispy or corn tortilla taco. Or maybe you’d like nachos made from house-made tortilla chips, or signature quesadillas — or, perhaps, you’d prefer to skip the tortilla options altogether and fill up a burrito bowl with your own personally selected salad ingredients. And once you’ve selected your Geo Burrito meal platform, you’ve only just begun.

Dave Jones, owner of Geo Burrito, first developed the idea for such a restaurant 25 years ago on the beach during a surfing trip. When a man approached Jones with a burrito cart and offered him the “most serious” burrito he had ever seen, Jones was inspired. “It’s the perfect beach food,” Jones said, explaining his personal affinity for burritos. As co-owner of Novrozsky’s however, the restaurateur was pretty busy until Hurricane Ike came and rearranged some plans. As the flagship Novrozsky’s store on Calder was undergoing extreme renovations, Jones considered his longtime dream of opening a burrito restaurant.Armed with his management team of “foodies” including Brock Neireiter and Jason Marshburn, Jones began to research what others in Houston, Austin and even Colorado had already set in motion. He observed the best qualities in each establishment, melded them with a sophisticated yet down-to-earth atmosphere, and formed Geo Burrito.

“We have superior meat, and we have the selection and the variety,” said Jones.

Jones also said that dieters can comfortably assemble a healthy meal with the help of the kitchen staff.

With this kind of variety and his Geo Burrito enthusiasm, The Examiner couldn’t help but wonder — what’s in Dave Jones’ burrito?

“My favorite is probably on a wheat tortilla, with brown rice, pulled pork, grilled onions, pico de gallo, roasted corn salsa, Monterey jack cheese and the chipotle sauce,” said Jones. “The chipotle sauce is the best.”

Geo Burrito currently has two locations — 4438 Dowlen in Beaumont and 1629 Highway 69 S. in Nederland. Jones said the recent closure of the Calder location was due to road construction. Watch for new locations popping up in Dallas and beyond, as Jones and his team are looking to expand Geo Burrito beyond the Southeast Texas community.