Get lost in the sauce

Crawfish and Shrimp Platter with Rajun Cajun Sauce

“Welcome to Crustaceans Boil House. What can we get for ya?” These words are what you hear as you enter the building of an unassuming Chevron Gas Station. The reason is that the gas station shares its space with a restaurant that’s is changing how seafood is served. 

Aldrick Henry aimed to open a restaurant that was a little different from anything around Beaumont — a pick your crustacean and sauce concept — and he did just that.

Crustaceans Boil House serves boiled shellfish that Southeast Texas has come to expect from its restaurants. Though the eatery doesn’t do anything revolutionary in terms of how the seafood is cooked, it does change how it’s ordered and served. The Crustaceans menu is focused on sauce and combinations of seafood rather than traditional plates or meals, much like a wing shop, where the food serves primarily as a vehicle for one of the delicious sauces it can come covered in. The sauces, which consist of two classics and two Crustaceans signature sauces, are all delicious. There is also a great variety of shellfish to have smothered in sauce, as well as a variety of plates and bags to get the perfect combination of shellfish for your dream meal. 

Customers can buy seafood by the pound, picking from items such as king crab, whole lobster and clams. There are also platters including the jumbo shrimp platter and snow crab platter, each consisting of their titled seafood and fixings or shrimp. Then there are the Treasure Bags coming in tiers labeled Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze bag comes with a snow crab, a blue crab, 10 jumbo shrimp, and one of each add on (sausage, corn, boiled egg and potato.) The Silver bag comes with choice of 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of snow crab, Dungeness crab or blue crab and their choice of any of the following two items including 1 pound of jumbo shrimp, 1 pound of clams, 1 pound of mussels or 2 pounds of crawfish, it also includes two of each add on. Finally there is the Gold bag deciding between 1 to 1 ½ pound of whole lobster or 1 pound of king crab and a choice of any three including a pound of jumbo shrimp, 1 pound of clams, 1 pound mussels or 2 pound of crawfish all with 2 of each add on.

Though the shellfish are delicious, the sauces are what set Crustaceans far apart from any other boil house. The garlic butter is tamest on the menu, essentially tasting exactly as it sounds: a butter sauce with a hint of garlic goodness. Its lack of spice makes it an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to get their feet wet at Crustaceans. Another staple is the lemon pepper. These two sauces are delicious, but it’s the homemade blends that will keep patrons coming back. The first and the less spicy of the two is the Big Bang Blend, an extravagantly flavored sauce that can make any food better. The Big Bang Blend is an intricate mix of tastes that seems to blend together flavors in ways this reporter cant fully explain on the page. What can be said, however, is that it is delicious and a must-try for any seafood lover. The Rajun Cajun is the spiciest sauce on the menu. The sauce is deceptively spicy and its heat doesn’t fully come to light until it’s been on your tongue for a second or two. The sauce is quite textured, and that’s definitely due to the spices in the mix. It brings the heat and was practically made for crawfish and shrimp.

All in all, Crustaceans Boil House is quite unique and is an excellent addition to the Golden Triangle. The homemade sauces and the variety of shellfish to mix them in offer customers choice and quality. Crustaceans Boil House is at 1610 I-10 East Frontage Road in Beaumont. For more information call (409) 223-1515 or visit