iCreole Bistro opens at The Beaumont Club

iCreole Bistro opens at The Beaumont Club

The Beaumont Club has undergone many changes throughout its near century of existence and continues to evolve with the times. The private club, founded in 1921 by the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce as a networking place for professional businesspeople, was originally located in the Hotel Beaumont in the 1920s and ’30s. It moved to the Edson Hotel in the ’40s, then to the First City Bank building in the ’60s, and finally to its current location at 590 Orleans St. in Beaumont in the 1990s. And now the Beaumont Club is changing with the times once again.

To begin the New Year, the owner of the building and club, Christina Delgadillo Crawford, gave the Beaumont Club’s kitchen a culinary makeover, bringing in Chef Sean Perrodin, owner of iCreole Bistro, a popular Creole restaurant formerly located on Washington Boulevard.

Not only will Perrodin be reinventing the food at the Beaumont Club, offering bold and new international flavors with a creole flare, but he also is opening his menu up to the public through carryout starting in March.

“We want to marry the history that this place has and reinvent it for 2017,” Perrodin said. “You have to evolve. We want to make it more culinary driven. We’re very passionate about the Creole culture and educating people that it’s really an international focus. Food trends for 2017 are all about ethnic foods, real spicy, bold flavors, and blending cultures together. … People want to diversify their palette, and we have to be cognizant of that and how to keep everybody engaged.”

Customers will be able to call in orders to The Beaumont Club by iCreole Bistro and pick them up at the club’s side entrance, where they also will find Creole coffees, spices and tea cakes manufactured by Perrodin — the same spices the chef uses in his restaurant’s entrées.

By summer, the spices by Perrodin’s manufacturing arm, Southern Creole Foods, should be available at local H-E-B, Kroger and Market Basket stores, Perrodin said.

The restaurant also is a member of Waitr, a food delivery service that allows customers to order their favorite dishes through an app on their smart phone and have it delivered to their home.

“Waitr has been great for our business,” Perrodin said. “It’s been up to 30 percent of our business sometimes. … On Sunday, the app will be singing. That driver will come about three to four times a day.”

One of the first things Perrodin and his partner Olivia Lawdins decided to do when they arrived Feb. 1 was to bring back an old Beaumont Club favorite — seafood Fridays.

“That was a tradition here for years, and they hadn’t had it in almost a year,” Lawdins said. “We decided to bring it back. Being from Louisiana, and Lent’s around the corner, it’s like heaven for us.”

The classic New Orleans-style soup Oyster Rockefeller, cornmeal crusted fried catfish with seasoned waffle fries, lemon peppered fried shrimp, seafood Pontchartrain pasta, Creole jambalaya rice and Cajun vegetable medley are just some of the scrumptious items members will enjoy.

Beaumont businesswomen Tammie Burge and Shodi Jacobson were trying the Oyster Rockefeller for the first time Friday, Feb. 17. Burge said she has been a Beaumont Club member for more than four years now.

“You can taste the bacon in it,” Burge said. “It’s got spinach and oysters.”

“It’s really good,” Jacobson added.

But don’t expect the items served to be the same every day because Perrodin likes to mix things up and often doesn’t decide what he’s going to serve until early in the morning before he begins cooking.

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“Expose your palate to different things you’re not accustomed to but can still appreciate,” Perrodin suggests. “A lot of restaurants in Beaumont serve the same stuff. Our menu’s very different. … You want to keep your customer engaged. When they’re leaving, you want them to be thinking about what they want to try next time, or entice everyone at the table to try something different and engage in a whole menu.”

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Moving forward, Perrodin envisions introducing an a la carte menu, offering membership trials to let people see what the Beaumont Club is all about, adding dinner hours, bringing in jazz pianists and vocalists, and even having a comedy night.

“We just want to make it a place to have some good times and worry about nothing,” he said.

For more information about the Beaumont Club and how you can join, call (409) 835-3481. Membership is $35 a month. You can also follow iCreole Bistro on Facebook @SouthernCreoleFoodsLlc. The Beaumont Club is open for lunch for members Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Take out, when it goes live, will be available Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. iCreole Bistro is also available for weddings, banquets and off-site catering as well. Waitr orders will adjust to the new hours as well.

“I like the fact that Sean and Olivia are partners and that their families are involved as well,” Delgadillo Crawford said. “It’s not just the two of them; it’s their whole network of families and their employees that they brought. … It’s evident they’re going to be successful because of all the people that have followed them. The very first week, there were people just coming to the door saying, ‘We heard iCreole Bistro moved here. They wanted to get their food.”