Jadalaya’s House of Soul serves both generosity and nostalgia

Jadalaya’s House of Soul  serves both generosity and nostalgia

Soul food is a pillar of our southern culture from the Louisiana bayou to the coast of North Carolina. It is this aspect of the American identity that Jadalaya’s House of Soul brings to the community of Beaumont. Jadalaya’s House of Soul in Downtown Beaumont is a soul food restaurant dedicated to providing delicious southern cooking that tastes like it came right off the family dinner table. 

Jadalaya’s offers plate lunches, which come with a choice of entrée, two sides, rice covered in gravy and cornbread. The plates on the menu range from fried chicken to pig tails which all cost $8.50 before tax with the exception of the oxtails plate costing $11.50. The plates offer generous portions that pair with the homemade taste to make every meal feel like after church lunch. 

The meatloaf tasted just like your grandma’s, cooked ground meat smothered in gravy over rice also drenched in gravy. The meatloaf brought on not just savory delight but also nostalgia. The gravy enhanced the meatloaf and also adapted the rice and gravy into one continuous plate of familiar flavor. The plate had sides of pinto beans and sausage as well as mustard greens. The pinto beans and sausage was all- star as far as sides are concerned. The beans are slow cooked with sausage to give the side that extra bit of flavor it needed to truly become comfort food.  The mustard greens had its expected taste, which combined with the rest of the plate brings one to recall another, simpler time. The cornbread is quite possibly the sweetest cornbread in Southeast Texas. The crumbly bread tasted like drops of heaven and when dipped into gravy or the pinto beans creates the savory and sweet clash southerners love. 

The smothered okra is possibly unlike anything you have had before. Okra, shrimp, chicken and sausage cooked down with tomato for an interesting take on the classic dish tomatoes and okra. The okra and tomato go together like two peas in a pod working together to make their classic flavor combo. It is the triple protein choice that really brings this dish to the upper echelon of southern cuisine. The shrimp, chicken and sausage each add their signature tastes; however, with the tomato and okra over the bed of rice, the meal is not only delicious but filling as well. The sides of green beans and corn were chosen to accompany this dish and for good reason. The corn brought its traditional taste and texture, however the green beans were cooked with potato mixing starchy goodness with the delectable flavor of homemade green beans. 

The smothered pork steak paired with sweet potatoes is a match made in heaven. Pork steak smothered in gravy over a bed of rice. The pork steak is savory and succulent. It is cut smoothly and provides a tender texture to the plate as a whole. The sweet potatoes definitely lived up to their name. Its over powering sweet flavor creates an excellent dichotomy for the extra savory pork steak. Its sweetness could almost make it a substitute as a dessert, curing any sweet tooth you may have. All in all the plate is an excellent choice for any one who wants a classic southern dish to fill their plate. 

Jadalaya’s also offers $5 discount Monday’s which reduces the price of the $8.50 plate lunches to just $5 for a specific group with ID. Aug. 27 will be for military, veterans and attorneys; Sept. 10 will be for media outlets; Sept. 17 will be for state and federal employees and Sept 24 will be for licensed beauticians and barbers.

Jadalaya’s House of Soul offers dine in, carry out, call ahead, delivery as well as catering. They are located at 672 Orleans St. in downtown Beaumont and open Sunday through Friday 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information call (409) 333-1927.