Jojo’s caters to Beaumont’s need for Chinese

Kung Pao Shrimp, General Tso’s, and Mongolian Beef

As far as Chinese food goes, the Golden Triangle has options. However, most restaurants have a set menu, a set style – a set way of preparing their food. Jojo’s China Bistro in Beaumont’s West End acknowledges that not every region is the same, and adjusts its recipes to the customer’s taste.

“Basically, it’s American-style Chinese food, but we adjust to what the people like. (In) different areas, people have different tastes,” said Kimi Ge, a manager of Jojo’s who’s been with the company approximately five years. With locations in Beaumont, Kingwood and Lake Charles, Ge said the bistro has been operating for eight years. He suggested residents of Lake Charles generally enjoy their food a little spicier, while “Texans like fried chicken,” so the amount of certain foods they prepare and how they are cooked vary from location to location. “It just depends on where you have the business,” Ge explained.

Nestled in the Dowlen Towne Center on Dowlen Road (think Kroger), the Beaumont location is favorable for those looking for a quick, quality meal while shopping or taking care of business in the West End. The ambience fuses a traditional Oriental theme with a more Americanized diner, giving off a casual yet authentic vibe. The dining experience at Jojo’s is relaxed and comfortable, and yet the service is so top-notch you might feel you are enjoying a meal at a five-star restaurant.

What did we try? For appetizers, Ge suggested cheese puffs, dumplings and eggrolls. The cheese puffs, which are fried wontons filled with cream cheese, were nothing less than perfect. Large, crispy and overflowing with the delectable filling, Jojo’s in no way shorted us on the “good stuff.” The dumplings were soft, and the meat inside was superbly seasoned, and the gigantic eggrolls paired well with their original soy-based dipping sauce, or their house sweet & sour sauce. Both the appetizers and entrées were delivered promptly, assuring us no one’s plate is left to sit under a heating lamp.

As for the Kung Pao Shrimp, which is normally an extra-spicy entrée loaded with chilies, Jojo’s version is slightly milder, but the shrimp is fresh and juicy. The dish is loaded with carrots, cashews and celery, and the marinade has a nice flavor that isn’t too strong like we have experienced at other Chinese restaurants. We chose to eat healthy, opting for steamed rice instead of fried, although we heard good things about their fried rice, as well. Overall, the Kung Pao Shrimp is a solid selection.

It’s typical after ordering Mongolian Beef to be disappointed when your plate has too much rice and not enough beef. If that’s not all, you also worry it will be too spicy or not spicy enough. Not at Jojo’s. The order came with ideal portions and succulent, perfectly cooked Mongolian Beef in sauce worth mentioning.

The recommended General Tso’s Chicken has particularly large chunks of tender chicken, lightly breaded and smothered in a special, spicy brown sauce that is thick, hearty and moderately spicy with the addition of peppers. All in all, we left full, satisfied and eager to return to try other options on the extensive menu.

Open from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. on weekdays (and until 10:30 p.m. on weekends), you’d be hard-pressed to show up hungry and find the doors locked. The lunch menu, available Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., has over 30 tantalizing options, each served with steamed or fried rice, an eggroll, and your choice of egg drop, wonton or hot & sour soup. Their most popular dishes are the Mongolian Three Delight, the Happy Family, and the aforementioned General Tso’s Chicken. Jojo’s also delivers all day (during business hours) in a limited area determined by the staff, and with only a $15 minimum, plenty of Beaumont residents can take advantage of enjoying their delicious meals in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

While the Chinese food industry in Southeast Texas isn’t necessarily saturated, there are several establishments to choose from. Based on our experience, next time you crave a taste of the Orient, Jojo’s China Bistro won’t disappoint.

Jojo’s China Bistro

3939 Dowlen Rd

Beaumont, TX 77706

Phone:(409) 892-9119