Logon Café just keeps getting better with age

Logon Café just keeps getting better with age

Ed Grissom is one of the biggest draws for folks returning to the comfortable surroundings of the Logon Café at 3805 Calder in Beaumont. He and his staff know how to treat their customers, and to put icing on the cake, they have a ball doing it. Grissom is a music buff and can tell you at least two stories behind every musical instrument decorating the walls of this charming, family-friendly café.

Working for Jefferson County for some 17 years, he decided back in 1997 he wanted to do something else. “I asked myself the serious question,” said Grissom, “of what I wanted to do with my life. I had been a night student for some 20 years and knew that I wanted a place to hang out with my friends, some good food to eat, a place to study, some cold beer, and a bit of modern technology.” He added that the thought hit him like a brick, “Why can’t that all be under one roof — all together, and so the Logon was born.”

The good food we sampled was tasty, served promptly, and very price considerate in today’s economy. The club sandwich was perhaps the very best I have ever tasted anywhere, and the turkey melt … well, not a scrap was left when the meal had been eaten. Servings were generous in size and above par in flavor, and we found the costs to be impressive. A wide list of appetizers entices the nibblers, and soups, salads, and chili tempt the shoppers, while the hearty sandwiches please everyone in the family. Burgers, hot dogs, snacks, and beer and wine to fit every fancy are available. One of the more popular menu items are the wraps coming in spinach, portobello, turkey, bacon and cheddar, southwest, chicken Caesar, Italian, roast beef, ham, bacon and Swiss, chili cheese and even Texas barbecue can make choosing a technically challenging mission.

“In bar years, the Logon is about 100 years old,” quipped the personable owner. “We want this pub atmosphere to be a nice place where all ages can come and enjoy themselves. The live music is a big draw, plus we were one of the first places in Beaumont to offer customers the use of free Internet and now WiFi.

We’ve had about 680 open mic nights, and I enjoy giving folks a place to hone their talents, and we’re pleased to have all genres of music and some poetry readings on our Wednesday evening programs.” Grissom said as long as they keep it clean, they are welcome.

Logon also offers catering, a place for various types of parties and gatherings, and a well advanced computer store in the front of the building. Employees Megan Price and Caleb Peters both responded with the same sentence when asked what they liked best about their jobs. “Oh, it is definitely the people who come in here,” said Price. “We have our regulars and then new ones, too, every night.” Peters said the customers soon become friends and even more like family in some cases. “It’s a great place to be,” said the personable young man who served our party.

And we soon came to agree with him. Whether on assignment or not, we’ll be back to try some of those other delicious looking items on that menu and to talk with Grissom and his staff. It was like a visit to an old friend’s home, but one that served up a good combination of food and music.

Brenda Cannon Henley can be reached at (409) 781-8788 or at brendacannonhenley [at] yahoo [dot] com.