New mall shop offers sweet treats

Chocoholic Cupcakes

When Autumn and Aaron West found that store-bought cakes and cookies weren’t up to their family’s standards, they decided to whip out the mixer and start making their own goodies for parties. As word got around about their sinfully delicious desserts, the Wests began to cook up an idea to start their own bakery.

“We were always getting asked to make cakes for this friend of a friend, or a person who had been recommended to us, so we just thought it would be better to open our own shop,” said West.

March 1, the young couple opened Taste of Heaven in Parkdale Mall, and they’ve been offering some of the best cupcakes in the area. The mixers on the counter, and decorating supplies affirm the made-from-scratch cupcakes are going to be anything but generic. Even the icings are homemade and can be found in different colors, flavors and consistencies. Puddings are added to some batters and icings to give that extra moist and creamy texture.

While there may be cupcake chains around town, this place is a family shop where nearly every member plays an important role. Aaron West and his mother are famous for their baking skills, while Autumn shows off her creative side by decorating, and cousin Zane brings in the customers with his bright personality.

The shop offers discounts to mall employees and a discount when you buy 12 or more cupcakes. 

Some of the top sellers are Chocoholic and Pineapple Peanut Butter. I know what you may be thinking – the pineapple one sounds unusual but … interesting – and yes, they are both amazing and worth a try. Traditional flavors such as wedding cake, and Cookies & Crème come in both chocolate and vanilla cake flavors, and are accompanied by different frostings that really complement the mini cakes. Reese’s Birthday Cake and butter pecan are all topped with a little something extra that highlight the overall treat.

If you are lucky, the banana crème, Orange Dreamsicle, and cookie dough cupcakes are still up for grabs, but we got to warn you that those go pretty fast. On the weekend the Wests bake up special options like coconut, German chocolate and Lime-A-Rita. If you are not in the mood or being very adventurous, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cakes are usually on hand, as well.

If you are just not having a cupcake kind of day but still need to get that sugar fix, Taste of Heaven offers chocolate mousse, pies and gelatin.

They also serve a couple of different flavors of coffee, both hot and cold, and soft drinks.

What we ate

We are not going to lie; we tried nearly every cupcake that was handed to us, and there was truly no clear winner.

The Chocoholic was beyond heavenly and was even topped with chocolate syrup drizzle and a mini chocolate bar.

Wedding cake and birthday cake were both moist and delicious, and we appreciated the light, fluffy icing that was much tastier than regular butter cream. How did they do that?

Orange Dreamsicle was basically a dream come true, and like most wonderful experiences, we were a little sad when it was over.

While we could go on and on about each individual flavor, we suggest you try your favorites and pass the word around. Seriously, what’s in this awesome frosting?

In the future, Autumn and Aaron would like to continue making sweet concoctions for upcoming holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July. They are also starting to specialize in personal pies and will be selling bigger ones around Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

If you have a party coming up, or simply want a batch of these delicious treats, feel free to call in an order, and the Wests will be happy to help.


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