New restaurant in Beaumont's West End neighborhood offers nighttime venue with upscale, personal touch, hearty menu

Greenlight Americana, open now in the West End

After running a successful catering business for the past seven years and opening what has arguably become one of the most popular downtown eating destinations in Beaumont, what more could Green Light Kitchen owners Scott and Kayla Fisher have left on their plate? How about opening a nighttime destination on the West End the likes of none other in town?

“This side of town has lots of great restaurants already, but we felt like this particular space lent itself to a really cool patio as well as a nighttime venue that would be able to support the nighttime traffic,” Kayla said of her and her husband’s new restaurant, Green Light Americana at 6420 Phelan Blvd. in the Westmont Shopping Center.

Not only were Scott and Kayla looking to open a different style venue, but they were also going for a new-look menu this time around.

“I think we wanted something that was a little bit heartier,” she said. “Green Light Kitchen is known for its health-conscious food. … This is a lot more southern-style cooking.”

Unlike the new restaurant, the downtown Green Light Kitchen restaurant was set up for Edison Plaza and the business lunch crowd that the building brings, Scott said. 

“It’s a fast casual bistro … scratch made food,” he said. “The chicken breast is never frozen. The meat is freshly ground. Dressings and sauces are all made in-house. Staying inside that fast casual lunch, we try and keep it as price-conscious as we can, so you’re really limited on the bigger items that you can do.”

At Green Light Americana, Scott can unleash his true culinary skills.

“This was kind of like taking off the training wheels,” he said. “We wanted to do big Texas steaks, big Gulf seafood, proper refined food in a very nice, upscale environment while still having that fast casual atmosphere, but bringing a restaurant that has multi-dining concepts. … Anytime we travel and eat, we always fall in love with multi-dining-atmosphere restaurants, and there really wasn’t one in this market.”

The restaurant’s look, which Kayla describes as “industrial chic rustic art deco,” is definitely eye-catching and probably something many Southeast Texas aren’t accustom to seeing when they go out to eat.

“It’s very city meets Beaumont. It definitely carries a tone of Central Park meets D.C. meets Denver,” she said.

Upscale with a personal touch definitely is a good way to describe it.

“But it’s not so stuffy and it’s very, nice and you feel like you’re in a classy environment,” Scott pointed out.

There are several different themed rooms for customers to explore at the restaurant during their dining experience.

“You’ve got The Big Chef’s Table, you’ve got The Patio, you’ve got the Bourbon Room for private dining, you’ve got the formal dining room, where you can have big parties and meetings and then more of the communal part of the restaurant when you first walk in and you see … our fast casual part of the restaurant,” Scott said. “We also have an open kitchen, so you can see all the fun. I think that’s the most important part. It’s open so you can see us. People can stop and peer into the windows inside of the kitchen and they get to see a little bit of the action.”

The venue will offer much more action than watching chefs prepare meals, however, as the restaurant offers a full bar of beer, wine and spirits and a special selection of craft beers to choose from.

“We feature nothing but American-made cocktails, liqueurs, liquors and beer,” Scott said. “We tried to keep it as regional as possible and tried to focus on Texas beer, Houston beer. All the wines are Napa, Washington State and American. And a fun, little list that we add is the Prohibition List, where you can get single malt scotches, big Napa cabs and big Bordeauxs — bottles that are proper for the setting.”

Fisher said the menu would change a lot, be seasonal but never boring.

“We’ll do prefix menus. We’ll do brunch. We’ll do Chef’s Table tasting events with wine pairings and beer pairings and we have some really cool plans for the patio down the road,” Scott said.

What we tried

We started off with a nice variety of meats and cheeses from the aptly named “Let’s Begin” section of the menu (Green Light Americana’s version of the appetizer section). The Meat-n-Cheese appetizer comes with domestic prosciutto, aged gruyere, whipped goat cheese and salami, and is served on a charcuterie board. Pretty solid selection here.

We also tasted some of the best Corn Muffins we’ve ever had, which were house made with roasted corn and served with herb butter. Mmm.

Finally, we tried the Chicken Alfredo made with smoked chicken, creamy Alfredo, fresh noodles and smoked broccoli. We definitely recommend it.

Green Light Americana is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Closed on Sundays. For more information, visit or follow Green Light Americana on Facebook. You can also reach the restaurant at (409) 347-7284.