Peanut butter burger time

Peanut butter burger time

Novrozsky’s has been a local legend since Dave Jones purchased the burger joint in 1983, back when he recalls the small restaurant offering burgers, fries and mismatched chairs. Nearly 30 years later, the fast-casual restaurant selling everything from onion rings (which are great) to tuna steaks (which are healthy) has an un-matched menu with everything you’d expect--and a few things you wouldn’t.

Most recently, the unlikely hero to join the Novrozsky’s burger dream team is the Peanut Butter Burger. Nope, it’s not a nickname.

“It’s not what you would expect,” said Jones, who said he too was skeptical when his daughter Julie insisted that he try the oddly dressed burger after she discovered it in New Orleans. “You think you’re going to just taste peanut butter, but you don’t. You taste the cheese, the bacon, the meat — you taste all of it together, and it works. We put it right on the patty when it’s hot so it just melts, and the peanut butter just rolls off the sides of that burger. Yeah, it definitely works.”

Jones, who admittedly loves peanut butter, was cooperative for The Examiner with this particular investigation, providing us our own peanut butter burger to try. The first bite, as he predicted, was not as peanut-buttery as one would expect. In fact, it kind of...worked.

“I’m not going to sell something if it’s not good,” he said. “If I’m not going to eat it, why am I going to sell it? It’s not going to happen.”

Though this thing could be the new PBJ, we understand if you’re not quite ready to try the PBB (it’ll catch on). We do insist, though, that you try the fried egg burger — a unique burger that might be a little more palatable to imagine.

“The egg doesn’t overpower the burger; it compliments it very well,” Jones said of the crowd pleaser Fried Egg Burger.

Novrozsky’s has more than a few diehard fans of the chicken fried steak, Novo chips, fried mushrooms served with homemade ranch and marinated chicken breast, but the burgers are the king of the joint. Perhaps its Jones’ attention to detail, including bringing in all-natural Nolan Ryan beef for every standard burger on the menu, that sets his burgers apart from the rest. Or maybe he’s just a guy who knows what he loves in a burger.

“Everybody wants a good burger, unless you’re a vegetarian; but we have that, too,” he said referring to the unique vegetarian black-bean burger.

One of the first restaurants in the area to offer certified heart-healthy menu items, Novrozsky’s is a local trendsetter with the health-food kick — the Nolan Ryan beef you get at Novrozsky’s has no hormones, no trans fats, no nonsense. And most recently, he added the heart-healthy, prime quality Kashi burger to the roster for those who really want a healthy splurge.

“I tell everybody, if you eat this burger, you’re healthier when you walk out of here than you were when you walked in,” he mused of the low cholesterol meat. “The Kashi is the best meat in America you can buy; it’s got a buttery taste natural to the beef and it’s perfect. Plus it’s good for you.”

We personally recommend you try any of these three new burgers that hit the Novo menu in January.But we triple double dare you to try the Peanut Butter Burger.