Shop offers fresh meats, delicious meals

Shop offers fresh meats, delicious meals
Pulled Pork

When driving up to this rustic-looking butcher shop, you feel like you are in a different time, back when quality was as important as quantity, and the freshness of products was a priority.

Located on historic Boston Avenue in Nederland, Butcher’s Korner originally opened in 1995 as a meat market and a place where people could bring in wild game to have it processed into steaks, sausages, and more. Soon after the success of the meat market became apparent, C.J. Breaux decided it was time to take his shop to the next level and branch out into a restaurant. 

Butcher’s Korner now serves up some of the freshest meat in the area and also offers lunch platters using family recipes and Cajun spices. The shop boasts of great Texas barbecue, hand cut steaks, homemade smoked sausage, twice-baked potatoes, homemade jerky and a wide variety of other specialty items.


The Menu

Unlike other restaurants, this place offers meat by the pound, both ready to serve and raw, fresh off the chopping block.

Barbeque favorites such as smoked sliced brisket, chopped beef, whole smoked chicken, homemade Cajun links, smoked slab ribs, smoked pork chops, pulled pork and turkey breast are ready to eat, and can be purchased by the pound or on plate lunches. Dirty rice, baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw are some of the side orders you can choose from when ordering a plate lunch. The stuffed potatoes and homemade jerky are also hits.

If you are looking to get ready for your next barbecue or simply stock up at home, Butcher’s Korner has got you covered there, too. Fifteen, 20 and 35 pound specials that can be customized to include sirloin steak, round steak, beef roast, pork chops, fryers, bacon, ground chuck, ribs, T-bone steak, sausages, boudain and pork roast. Stuffed chops and chicken breast are also available, if you are in the mood for something not on the menu just ask, because C.J. can probably make it happen.

If you are not in the mood for a big meal, barbecue sandwiches, burgers and deli sandwiches are made fresh behind the counter and taste just as delicious. Salads are also available for those watching their carbs, and four types of loaded twice-baked potatoes are ready for those who are not.


What we ate

There’s so much meat to choose from that I could hardly decide. I opted for the pulled pork plate with a side of dirty rice. I also got a roast beef and a cheddar deli sandwich to try.

Pulled Pork

Being from the Carolinas, I know good pulled pork when I see it. Well, taste it anyway. The tender pork is a great option to sliced beef that seems to saturate this part of the country. Combined with the sweet sauce, the meal took us right back home. Delicious. Another plus that we enjoyed about the meal was that the dirty rice is actually the mix that goes into their famous boudain. I’m a sucker for smoked boudain, so to have a side order of the tasty rice was a huge plus.

The plate was served with two slices of bread and topped with signature pickles and onions.

Roast Beef & Cheddar Deli Sandwich

Thick, juicy, freshly sliced roast beef is piled on top of a fluffy bun. Combined with sliced cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions, this sandwich is quite hardy and will leave you feeling full. Choose either a white or wheat bun, and don’t forget a bag of chips to put this on-the-go lunch over the top.

Butcher’s Korner caters as well, so feel free to call ahead and plan your next wedding, reunion, or company lunch. They also serve live crawfish on the weekend, and host daily lunch specials throughout the week. This place has everything for your next occasion, whether you want to fix the meal yourself, or have C.J. and his crew do it for you.

Our only advice is to call ahead, and don’t forget the cobbler!


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