Subs so fast you freak!

Subs so fast you freak!
Subs so fast you freak!

You may have heard about it on the radio, and you may have seen the signature “JJ” logo on a delivery car, but have you made your way into Jimmy John’s on Dowlen? For a little over a year now, Jimmy John’s has been serving up slim subs swiftly, but many aren’t aware of their gourmet hoagies and club sandwiches.

Like a traditional deli, you order at the counter — instead of shepherding your sub from start to finish.

When walking into the shop on the corner, big, fun, cartoony signs point you in the right direction. Pick from one of the 18 sub selections and pay at the counter. You will probably be getting your change back as your order number is called to be picked up — yeah, they are that fast. Even during a lunch rush, you might stand in line for four minuets … maybe.

Ordering is faster than most sandwich places and the menu is straightforward and simple. You just order the number, and pick it up.

Quality is key

No need for selecting your bread, picking your cheese, or debating about what kind of veggies to put on your sub. Hot peppers, however, are available to add to any sandwich … oh, and bacon! Can’t forget the bacon.

All subs come on freshly baked French loaf, and clubs are served on thick sliced seven-grain bread. Try the “Unwich” wrap with any regular sandwich if you are cutting carbs. Jimmy John’s also only serves provolone, so ordering your meal is easy-cheesy. Ingredients are Jimmy John’s staple products, and are full of flavor and freshness. Real Hellman’s mayo and Grey Poupon mustard line the shelves behind the counter as a little reminder of the quality you are getting. No generic condiments for this place. We didn’t have to pick and choose this or that. JJ’s figured out what goes well with this sandwich, and put it on the sub.

Can’t beat the service

Managing partner and general manager Jason King is right behind the counter with his employees ensuring you get not only a delicious sandwich, but also a great time while eating it. Jimmy Tunes station plays the greatest top 40 hits from the past two decades, and chances are Jason and his crew will be jamming along. The atmosphere is fun and inviting; even the signs are quirky and really set the mood for a good time.

“Welcome to Jimmy John’s” will be the first thing you hear walking in and “Have a great day, come back and see us,” will be the last. This place is family friendly and perfect for hanging out with friends.

What we ate

#9 Italian Night Club – The original Italian sub with Genoa salami, Italian capicola, smoked ham with provolone cheese topped with lettuce, tomato and real tasty Italian vinaigrette. This is quite a sandwich! The traditional Italian pork cold cut was beautifully marbled, and the vinaigrette was perfectly seasoned. The sub was packed to the brim and piled high with fixins. We loved the flavors; none is more dominant that the other.

#11 Country Club – Fresh sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo on French bread. The traditional turkey sub gets an extra boost. The turkey is juicy and thinly sliced, and the fresh tomatoes blend wonderfully with the provolone cheese. The ham takes it to the next level. This sandwich really complements the bread, the way it should on a sub, with a crusty outer layer, and a soft, chewy interior.

Cookies – We tried both cookie options, oatmeal raisin and double chocolate chip. While the chocolate chip silenced our cocoa fix, it was the chewy oatmeal raisin that won our hearts and tummies.

Try the Jimmy chips also! They are kettle cooked in 100 percent peanut oil.

Even though ordering is ultra fast, they do offer “freaky fast” delivery. At 8 inches, this sub satisfies the typical American eater. We got a combo that included cookies and a drink, but in reality, the sub by itself would be sufficient for our lunch. It’s a good size that won’t disappoint.


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