Weekly Dish: Beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas

The Southwest sandwich at Honey-B-Ham

They say when something is handmade, you can tell the difference. Well the saying is proved true at Honey B Ham in the West End of Beaumont. Honey B Ham’s approach to fresh, handmade dishes is the crux of its success, as well as its southern charm and focus on customer satisfaction.

Honey B Ham started by primarily preparing turkeys and hams for holidays and special events; however, over time it developed into the lunch specialist that it is today. With a menu that spans from soups made from scratch to whole casseroles perfect for large events, Honey B Ham provides a service to families in the area by giving them a delectable handmade alternative to eating out. Honey B Ham serves frozen soups and casseroles to go, as well as sandwich trays and whole hams and turkeys. They also offer delivery.

The Lite Lunch is one of the many flavorful lunch options offered at Honey B Ham. It features a bed of lettuce, two slices of tomato, peach halves paired with cottage cheese and your choice of either chicken, tuna, ham or egg salad. The peach halves with the cottage cheese give the eater a wave of nostalgia as the sweet and textured experience bring the whole lunch together. The choice of salad is a hard one as all four are extremely appealing; however, the ham salad is definitely a prime choice for diners. The ham salad offers a savory bite that somehow works with the peaches and cheese to create a dichotomy that is totally unexpected yet completely welcome.

The House Salad is a beautiful assortment of salad mainstays that create a picturesque bowl filled with beautiful colors and even better taste. The House Salad consists of ham, turkey, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, celery, whole green onion, cheese, croutons and your choice of dressing. The lettuce is hand-cut and offers an enjoyable crunch while the juicy tomatoes gush with flavor. The unique taste of cucumber combines nicely with the made-from-scratch croutons, reminding one of a salad fresh from the garden. The ham, turkey and cheese add flavor to every bite they accompany and bring the whole salad to another level. They also add a much-needed texture change, keeping the salad interesting by making each bite totally different, encouraging the eater to take more until they are left with an empty bowl. With vast choices of dressings, and most of them made in house, diners are left with a variety of scrumptious choices to choose from. The homemade ranch in particular was delightful and made all the difference in the meal.

The Southwest is the most popular sandwich, and for good reason. The sandwich comes with turkey, bacon, cheese, guacamole, chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on your choice of roll. The sandwich is expertly crafted with a blend of sensations and flavors reminding you that though a sandwich is a rather basic meal, it has so much potential, and this one in particular is deceptively delicious. The bacon and turkey work together for a savory combo, mixing with the flavorful tomato to create a harmonious blend to be savored. The heat of the chipotle mayonnaise is balanced out by the guacamole, making the sandwich a trip of taste. Though there are a variety of rolls to choose from the ciabatta bread is an exceptional choice offering a slightly crispy texture to bring out the best in the sandwich.

Honey B Ham is a delightful eatery placed perfectly in one the busiest hubs of the city. Offering great customer service and even better food, Honey B Ham is just another eatery that Southeast Texas has to be proud of.

Honey B Ham is in the strip center at 6385 Calder Ave. Beaumont. Call (409) 860-3151.

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