Weekly Dish: Country cooking at its finest

The Diamond S Bacon Cheeseburger

By Kyle Swearingen

Staff Writer

You enter the building greeted by 25-cent gumball machines and a sign that reads “If you like our food, tell your friends. If you don’t, tell us.” The warm environment surrounding you is peppered with patrons chatting, sharing stories and laughs. You just stepped into Diamond S Diner, a small country diner in the heart of China right off of Highway 90. The building that is now the eatery, first built in 1985, is now owned by Sandra Sherman, a 50th wedding anniversary present to her from her late husband, J.E. Sherman.

Diamond S Diner is a classic small- town restaurant featuring burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, fried fish and chicken as well as all-day breakfast. All-day breakfast was established due to J.E. Sherman’s love of the meal. Breakfast ranges from pancakes to a full plate of eggs, hash browns, biscuits and bacon. The 7 a.m. opening time is great for those who want to pop in for a country breakfast. They close the main dining area at 2 p.m. and reopen the drive thru only at 6 p.m. with final closing at 9 p.m.

Diamond S caters, as well, for those who wish to have its signature flavor at their next event.

Diamond S offers Hunt Brother Pizza, which comes in a variety of different toppings and crust styles. Toppings offered include peperoni, Italian sausage, beef, onions, bacon, banana peppers, mushrooms, jalapeño peppers, bell peppers and black olives. There are many different pizza combinations to choose from, but the supreme pizza is especially delicious. The pizza combines all of the toppings to create a beautiful symphony with jalapeño spice added to classic flavors of sausage and pepperoni. The veggies give the pizza great taste and texture. All in all, the supreme pizza definitely lives up to its name.

The burger is an Americana classic and one of the diner’s specialties. Their Diamond S Burger comes in many different forms, adding cheeses bacon or multiple patties. Of special note is the Diamond S Bacon Cheese Burger. The burger offers a succulent beef patty with melted cheese, delicious bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, if desired. The burger can also be ordered with French fries, which are seasoned with steak seasoning. There is also a junior burger so little ones won’t miss out. The burger is one of the best in the area and shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

Diamond S also has a lunch buffet from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with each day having a scheduled choice as well as a chef’s choice and multiple sides. The buffet entitles diners to one meat choice, two sides, dessert and a roll. The scheduled choices range from beef tips to fried chicken. However the Monday choice of smothered hamburger steak is particularly delectable. The hamburger steak is cut from the same cloth as the burger ensuring a delicious experience. Covered in gravy and paired with onion, the entrée brings certain nostalgia with its immense flavor, as did the mashed potatoes drenched in gravy, green beans and roll. The potatoes are a great way to savor the gravy and also offer the classic texture associated with home cooking. The green beans assisted in the nostalgic snapshot, while the roll was begging to be dunked in gravy. All in all, the steam table is a much-needed stop for any who want that home-cooked taste on their plate.

Diamond S Diner shows how important country diners are, not just to the community they reside in but to any who have experienced the joy of a meal made with love. This diner embraces its hometown roots in the best way possible and even offers some of its own twists to its established menu of southern cooking. 

Diamond S Diner at 105 Highway 90 is closed on Sundays. Call (409) 752-3030 for more information.