The Weekly Dish: Crown Pizza is King

Crown Pizza

Crown Pizza has made a name for itself for selling unique pizza in Beaumont and has even sparked the interest of a few competitors, and the restaurant isn’t even a year old yet. The brainchild of Willy Burger owner Colburn McClelland, Crown Pizza’s name came from an old sign from a motel on Highway 90. McClelland used what he had and created not only a new way to look at pizza, but also a refreshing way to look at the restaurant business. Bigger isn’t always better.

Good things come in small packages

You might just miss this place if you take a quick look away while passing Willy Burger on Calder, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find the best treasure. McClelland had a fantastic idea when he transformed an unused patio section for the hopping burger joint next door into a pizzeria. Instead of going bigger, he utilized every inch available and made all 480 square feet into a cozy café where people can come and enjoy the atmosphere and an exceptional pizza.

Made from three storage containers, the building isn’t something you see every day. Come to the window to make to-go orders, or come inside and see your pie created. Fresh dough made from the highest quality flour is hand rolled and then placed on an oiled press. After the crust is flattened, ingredients are piled on top before being placed in a 600-pound brick oven built in Naples. After only a few minutes of baking, your pizza is then placed on a pan and served to your table (or put in a box if you are taking it with you).

Not your conventional pepperoni pie

The things that make Crown Pizza different from familiar chains in the area aren’t just the oven (although it’s the only one in Southeast Texas), or the building (storage containers are pretty clever), or even the fresh ingredients (sauce grown from tomatoes in volcanic ash). It’s the menu of truly original pizzas that keep customers coming back.

With names like “Tree hugger,” “Pork love” and “The Shangri La,” how can you not want to take a bite? Ingredients such as chopped prosciutto, squash, peanut sauce and cow’s milk mozzarella can be found at Crown Pizza; you can even create your own one-of-a-kind pie.

What we ate

BBQ Yard Bird – House-made barbecue sauce, sharp cheddar, shredded mozzarella, purple onion, sliced jalapenos, crumbled bacon, grilled chicken breast slices, crispy onion straws and cilantro. This pizza smelled as good as it tasted. The aromatic blends of cilantro and bacon made our senses come alive before the first bite! The crust is in a category of its own: thin and crisp to perfection. The beauty of this pie, from the purple of the onion to the green of the jalapenos and even the dark edges from the oven almost makes us not able to try it … almost. Sweet barbecue sauce is our favorite, and gives a great balance to the heat of the peppers. Plus there is bacon; you can never go wrong with bacon!

Cheeburger-Cheeburger – Yellow mustard, American cheese, pepper jack cheese, ground Angus beef, chopped onion, dill pickle slices, topped with a mound of crispy french fries. “Wow” is all that can be said when this baby is delivered to your table. We’ve never seen anything like it. French fries? On a pizza? Does Mom know about this? If you love mustard, this will be your kind of pie. The melted cheeses blend perfectly with the ground meat. The pickle slices are a nice touch, and after sampling a slice you really do feel like you are eating a cheeseburger. The french fries are an added bonus that really takes this pizza over the top. Where else are you going to find delicious concoctions like this?

Stop by and try a pie

Crown Pizza is a fun place to meet up with friends, or enjoy a cool evening eating slice after slice on the patio. Each order is for an eight-serving pizza, so there is plenty to share, or not — we will understand.

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