The Weekly Dish - Major flavor on Major Drive

The Weekly Dish - Major flavor on Major Drive

Beaumont is no stranger to Cajun cuisine. From Sabine Pass to Newton, Southeast Texans are sure to find at least one Cajun eatery available near them. However, in an area where Cajun flavors are so accessible, there are bound to be restaurants that stand above the rest. One of these is Bayou Café. Nestled on Major Drive in Beaumont, this café straight from the bayou, is filled with flavor and personality. From seafood specialties to offbeat offerings this Cajun café is sure to impress. 

The Seafood Combo #1 is a great entry dish for anyone deciding to stop into this delicious diner, and consists of one fillet of fish, two pieces of shrimp, hush puppies and choice of French fries or rice on the side. The fish fillet can come fried or grilled, with the grilled version being seasoned to savory goodness. The shrimp brings a hint of spice that elevates the plate overall. The hush puppies are surprisingly spicy, which echoes the Cajun roots of the establishment. The French fries come in large crinkle cut and offers fried flavor as well as nostalgia for fish fry veterans. 

The Chicken Tacos are an interesting delicacy to Bayou Café, infusing influences of Tex-Mex, Soul Food and Cajun cuisine. Comprising of two tacos made of pieces of either grilled or fried chicken, cilantro slaw, cheese and Ibiza Habanero Sauce on a tortilla. The fried version of the chicken offers mouth watering goodness, while the cilantro slaw adds crunch and a zesty aftertaste. The spicy Ibiza Habanero Sauce adds heat enough for the whole taco and then some. All in all, these tacos give any restaurant a run for their money. 

If these dishes weren’t enough, Bayou Café also offers half-pound burgers, Cajun inspired salads as well as gumbo and Po’ boys. Bayou Café is located at 1255 Major Drive and is open from 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and closes at 8 p.m. on Sunday. For more information call (409) 861-1133.