Weekly Dish: Pompano Club now Benton's Up Front

Benton's Up Front

The Pompano Club is no more. Hurricane Harvey caused nearly a foot of water to flood the establishment and shut it down.

“The Pompano Club was a private dining club. You had to be a member to come eat or you had to be with a member. We had dancing. We had a live band that played. It used to be every night and then we dropped it down to Thursdays and Saturdays and then we dropped it down to Saturdays,” said Sean Schneider, who has worked for the Pompano Club for more than 23 years.

Times change, however, and so does clientele.

“(Now) people want to go eat, but they don’t want to stay for hours upon hours and dance. They want to eat and go home or go to a movie,” Schneider said.

After Harvey damaged the Pompano Club, owners Beth DeVillier and Catherine Bruney knew it was time to re-evaluate their vision for their business. They decided to re-brand the restaurant, Benton’s Up Front, and open it up to the public...

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