Wing Challenge

Wings To Go

With football season several weeks underway and fans rooting for their favorite team or drafted fantasy player, we decided to stir up a little competition of our own.

What’s synonymous with football, sports bars and frosty draft beer? Buffalo wings, of course! We wanted to find out who had the hottest, so we went to five area restaurants to try their touted top flavors. No second hottest in this wing challenge, only the spiciest. We ranked them by heat — 5 chili peppers being the hottest, and 1 chili pepper the least hot. We must love our readers to try this challenge!

Wings To Go

When we were making a list of wing places for this challenge, we knew franchisee Danny Partin’s restaurant at 7849 Twin City Highway in Port Arthur had to be on it. Long time fans of Wings To Go’s second hottest selection — the Suicide Wings — we had an idea of the level of heat we were about to experience. When a restaurant’s hottest wings are called Homicide Wings, you know you’re in trouble. How did the wings get their infamous name? While the Suicide Wings may definitely put a hurtin’ on you, the Homicide Wings are so painful that it will probably hurt others just to watch you eat them. Although the heat will definitely burn your lips, the chicken tastes great, and we can see why people keep coming back for the pain. Danny says although the franchise doesn’t share all the ingredients with him, there’s definitely habaneros in the recipe. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were Carolina Reaper peppers in there, too.


Decorated in a nostalgic, 1930s and 1940s “pre-jet” aviation theme and headquartered in Dallas, Wingstop has two locations in Southeast Texas — one at 3850 College St. in Beaumont and the one we visited at 8555 Memorial Blvd. in Port Arthur.

Although the service is a little slow, the wings are definitely worth the wait, with the quality probably the best of those we tried. The hottest wings on the menu? Atomic. Described on Wingstop’s restaurant as a “habanero-fueled punch in the mouth,” these bad boys will definitely rock your taste buds. What seems to set these wings apart from competitors is the mass quantity of peppercorns used in the sauce, which only add to the heat.

Buffalo Wild Wings

One of area sports fans’ favorite hangouts, with locations at 8845 Memorial Blvd. in Port Arthur and 4235 Dowlen Road in Beaumont, where we chose to go, Buffalo Wild Wings was named one of the fastest growing franchises of 2015 by Entrepreneur magazine. It’s hard to argue with their business model, but just how spicy are their wings? While we know the restaurant has quality food all the way around and is popular for their wide wing selection — with more than 20 flavors to choose from — we wanted to see how their hottest of the hot stacked up against the rest. The Blazin’ Wings are described on the bar and grill’s website as “so good it’s scary, and made with (the) unrelenting heat of the ghost pepper.” This was the first stop on our tour of wing places and made us have second thoughts about continuing the challenge. The tall Stella Artois helped wash away the heat (Buffalo Wild Wings has around 40 beers to choose from, by the way).


Although this restaurant is popular for its “world famous” Hooters Girls, we were seeking out a different kind of hotness when we visited 850 I-10 S in Beaumont. We went with the Naked Wings and, as we have in all our stops, picked the spiciest on the menu — the Triple Dog Dare. Although we weren’t able to find out which peppers were in these delicious wings, we definitely recommend them and were able to finish them all with not too much pain.

Twin Peaks

If you are going to put yourself through a hellacious challenge like we did, it’s nice to know that there is 29-degree beer on tap to curb the burn and beautiful women to watch you suffer. Rather new to Southeast Texas, Twin Peaks at 3805 Interstate 10 S. in Beaumont is top-notch. Every booth has its own HDTV to watch the game on, and the bar and grill’s Mozzarella Cheese Bites are to die for. But that wasn’t why we were there. Twin Peaks’ hottest selection is the Ghost Pepper Wings. As far as quality goes, like the rest of the menu, the chicken tastes great. The restaurant just needs to ratchet up the spice a bit.


We tried the hottest wings in Southeast Texas. Here are a few of our initial thoughts during this challenge, which included five different wing locations in less than a week:

"Feels like fire ants are biting me in the mouth," during the intense burn of the Homicide Wings of Wings To Go.

"If you can get past the initial heat, it's really good," on Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Wings.

"The heat is running up my cheekbone," on Wing Stop's Atomic Wings.