The Yogurt Spot

The Yogurt Spot

Tempting, tasty treats in a variety of flavors and toppings await guests at The Yogurt Spot located conveniently on the corner of Dowlen and Phelen in Beaumont.

“We are very pleased at our reception in the area,” said owner Starla Foust. “The traffic in the West End of Beaumont continues to be good, and we are convenient for so many folks from students at West Brook, Marshall, Lamar, and the various businesses and subdivisions nearby.” The Yogurt Spot opened in May 2011 and has enjoyed good success thus far with many tempting flavors of fresh yogurt and the endless selection of toppings.

The Yogurt Spot is a franchise with home offices in Austin. “They do have three stores in Tampa, Fla.,” said Foust, who also confided that her future plans include perhaps the opening of a second location. “I love people and I love what I do. It brings me pleasure to see all age groups come in to the shop, choose their favorites, and spend a few minutes of rest and relaxation while here.”

Foust is originally from Nederland and worked 20 years as a court reporter. She said she had often thought of owning and operating a small business in the Beaumont area and wanted to do something that wasn’t already up and running. Foust can be found in her spotlessly clean shop five days a week, but does have a staff of some 8-10 employees that can handle the duties when she is not at the helm.

The self-service, pay-by-the-ounce healthy dessert bar seems to truly have taken a hold on some folks. Madeline Antoine, a Port Arthur resident who works for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, is a good example of a regular customer. “Oh, I am enjoying my ‘me’ day,” said Antoine laughing. “About once every other week, I use my off day to get a mani-pedi and treat myself to a little shopping in or around Beaumont, and I always come to The Yogurt Spot for my favorite treat.” Antoine added that she tries to remember to get her customer appreciation card punched; after 10 punches, she gets a voucher for a $5 gift of her favorite yogurt.

On this visit, Antoine walked directly to the “cake batter” yogurt, filled her cup and and then headed to the toppings and fruit bar. She seemed to enjoy picking and choosing and decorating her healthy dessert.

Foust explained that the flavors do change from time to time and that she is willing to try new ones, but that it can be a bit difficult to keep everyone’s favorite available. “Some want one kind and one kind only. Others are more adventurous and want to try everything new,” she said. “Right now, we are about to bring in the seasonal favorites including gingerbread, pumpkin, and other fall and Christmas favorites.”

Foust further explained that the yogurt has real probiotics, the good bacteria known for aiding digestion as well as the promotion of other health benefits. In addition, the yogurt is made on site and a good many choices are gluten free, low sugar, and high in Vitamin D. “We also offer a sorbet as a non-dairy option,” Foust said.

One gentleman said that he comes almost every single day because his doctor suggested that he eat yogurt as a substitute for heavier desserts. He truly seemed to enjoy the choice he made on this particular visit.

Children would likely need supervision since there are so many fun toppings, fruits, candies, and syrups to choose from to adorn the yogurt. However, some of the adult guests seemed to be having a ball making their choices, too. It appeared to be evenly divided — those who come in knowing exactly what they want and those who want to shop around, as it were. Creativity came into play with several guests who wanted to try new and different combinations. Since you pay by the ounce, it is totally up to the customer to choose as much or as little as desired.

Lindsey Williams, a Lamar student pursuing her master’s degree, and Julie Lee and Rebecca Wilhelm of the Beaumont Health Department came in for a quick afternoon break. Each lady perused the selections, debated, tasted and finally chose the yogurt(s) base they wanted and then decorated with the big selection of toppings. Even the inspectors from the health department chose The Yogurt Spot for their own break favorite.

The fun snack is offered in a 1,400-square-foot, brightly lit and tastefully decorated shop that allows the customers to taste before they buy. Small taster cups are available. Big screen TVs, Wi-Fi, an attractive patio, and the convenient location makes The Yogurt Spot a great, fun visit.

Foust says they also do catering, pack yogurt to go, and have done wedding receptions, showers, birthday parties and the like. “Just call and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs with you,” said the personable business owner. You can reach Foust at (409) 860-4776. The Yogurt Spot is at 6456 Phelan Blvd. in the Westmont Shopping Center.

Brenda Cannon Henley can be reached at (409) 781-8788 or at brendacannonhenley [at] yahoo [dot] com.