Classic children’s books come to life

Classic children’s books come to life

The biggest appeal prior to seeing this was the fact that “Late Late Show” host James Corden was voicing the part of Peter Rabbit. I confess a major crush on the cuddly Mr. Corden, and it turns out he’s a pretty good rabbit, too.

As with most family features, I brought along not one but two intrepid junior critics for their keen opinions on the worthiness of this movie. Young Master Shep and Miss Rebecca joined me and though the bags of Skittles and Air Heads (no thanks) were a tasty lure, I observed that my young friends did indeed enjoy this movie as demonstrated by the number of times they laughed out loud.

As neither of these children had ever heard of Peter Rabbit, is it true then that Peter and his band of woodland buddies have fallen out of favor? The small, thin Beatrix Potter books with their colorful illustrations were certainly a part of my childhood, and hopefully, after seeing this, the same will be true for more children as well. Peter Rabbit may be older, but he never grows old.

There were plenty of Potter fans who raised a ruckus when it was announced this was to be a live action movie instead of an animated feature. The animals are rendered with animatronics with real actors interacting with them. The film starts … where else? At Mr. McGregor’s (Sam Neill) with Peter Rabbit in his ubiquitous little blue jacket tormenting the old fellow — and the animatronics seem perfectly natural.


But tragedy strikes when...


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