Collecting and Care: Cars – Stark Museum of Art

Collecting and Care: Cars – Stark Museum of Art

Car and antique enthusiasts will not want to miss Collecting and Care: Cars at the Stark Museum of Art (712 Green Ave.) in Orange on Saturday, Oct. 22, from 2-3 p.m. The event will include a panel style discussion about the preservation and restoration of historic automobiles using the Stark collection vehicles as examples.

Go behind the scenes and learn about how the Stark Foundation maintained these historic automobiles and the tremendous work put into bringing them back to life. The panelists will talk about the joys and challenges of preserving these automobiles, especially with regard to issues like humidity and flooding in Southeast Texas. Details about restoration and researching and locating parts will be discussed.

Take a look at the 1911 Hupmobile, 1922 Ford Model T, and the 1950 Crosley Super Sport, all currently exhibited at the Stark Museum of Art as part of the Collecting Conversations Exhibition. The panel will feature Darin Rosenblad, owner of The Shop and chief restorer of the Crosley and Ford cars; Fred Thompson, who assisted in the restoration of the Hupmobile; and Walter Riedel III, CEO of the Stark Foundation who oversaw the preservation of the vehicles until their eventual restoration. The panel discussion will be facilitated by The W.H. Stark House Educator, Drew Whatley.

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