Cupcake craving?

Photo by Kevin King

Although keeping a healthy diet is important, like we mentioned last week, everyone needs a cheat day. In fact, our brains are hardwired with a desire for sweetness.

While some people crave sweets more than others, according to the Newsweek article “The Sweet Science: How Our Brain Reacts To Sugary Tastes,” “Sweet foods react with everyone’s brains in the same way — by producing a rush of chemicals, including dopamine, which creates an opiate-like effect. … No matter how you get your sugar fix, the brain reacts the same: whether your source is artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or fructalose. A sugar is a sugar is a sugar.”

To get their sugar fix, Katelyn Morgan and her children, Essie, 3, and Ezra, 18 months, go to Gigi’s cupcakes in Beaumont.

According to Gigi’s website, Marc and Crystal Redd bought into the franchise in 2012. Blown away by the unique flavors, eloquent decorations and amazing taste, they started the business with friend and co-owner Angelique Comeaux. The business officially opened in November 2012. After helping get the store started, Angelique moved on to other ventures, but Marc and Crystal continue to own and operate Gigi’s Cupcakes in Beaumont.

“We look forward to many years of baking these delicious cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, breads and pies for our community with the same passion and perseverance as Gigi Butler (the founder of Gigi’s),” Crystal Reed says. “With a wonderful dedicated staff, most of whom have been with us since we opened the store, I am proud to say that we offer the most consistently fresh desserts and excellent customer service. They have perfected the art!”

Katelyn and kids especially enjoy the Wedding Cake (780 calories, according to and Strawberry Shortcake flavors (514 calories).“We like that they have variety, and we love the mini size,” she said. “You can order four in a pack.”

In addition to the Mini 4-Pack Variety Box, which you can also order online from the website for $5.50, you can also order minis by the dozen for $15.95.But if you’d rather have the regular size cupcakes, we understand. They’re $3.50 each, according to Gigi’s website. Both minis and regular size cupcakes come in a variety of flavors including Confetti Fun, Gigi’s signature white cake with confetti baked in, topped with delicious vanilla buttercream, and dipped in rainbow sprinkles (190 calories); Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip, which is devil’s food cake with dark chocolate chips, topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate chips (430 calories); and Scarlett’s Red Velvet, red velvet cake with a vanilla filling topped with cream cheese frosting, a white chocolate heart and red sugar crystals (238 calories). Ask about Gigi’s gluten-free offerings, as well.

According to Newsweek, Americans are currently living in what could be called the Sweetest Generation, meaning our access to sweet and sugary foods is at an all-time high.

Why should you allow yourself a cheat day?

For a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, 36 participants undertook two two-week diets, and those who had a cheat day reported they were better able to sustain their motivation and self-control than those who ate the same amount each day.

So if you’re feeling bogged down by your current diet and need a cheat day, visit Gigi’s at 3050 Dowlen Road in Beaumont. Hours are Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon – 6 p.m. For more information, call (409) 866-0807 or visit