David Joel & Brad Brinkley to play at South Texas State Fair

David Joel (courtesy photo)

Texans know country music, and Southeast Tex­as has birthed its fair share of singing sensations from Tracey Byrd and Mark Chestnut to the legendary George Jones. Now, two more up-and-coming country music artists from Southeast Texas aspire to join that select group and are making names for themselves by playing area venues like Whiskey River and at the YMBL South Tex­as State Fair, volunteering at local fundraisers like the March 9 Lexy Bertrand benefit at the Woods Pavil­ion in Vidor and by releas­ing new singles including the soon-to-be-released “Let’s Roll” and “Table for Two,” which, so far, peaked on Texas Country Music charts at No. 36.

If you haven’t already, meet Bou Boy’z Entertain­ment’s rising stars, David Joel and Brad Brinkley.

Joel, who is headlining at the 2014 South Texas State Fair, describes his style of music as having a South­ern-style “rocking Texas country music” sound.

“Brad and I are here vol­unteering today,” Joel said at the Lexy Bertrand Bene­fit on March 9. “We like to do what we can to support our community, and it’s for a really good cause.”

Joel said last year he played 207 shows around Texas and Louisiana. He is currently set to release his single “Let’s Roll” within the coming months, and recently completed filming the video for the single.

“All night last night I was working on the video, and we finished it,” Joel said, smiling. “I think it turned out great, and soon we will be releasing the single. On April 18, I will be playing at Brad’s CD release party at Whiskey River, so I am excited about that too.”

For more information about Joel, visit his website at www.davidjoelmusic. com.

In an interview with Joel’s label-mate Brinkley, the singer echoed his friend’s sentiment in regard to supporting wor­thy causes.

“Bou Boy’z asked us to come out, and we said, ‘Yes, of course,’” Brinkley said at the benefit for Ber­trand, who was killed in a car crash in Vidor. “We do events like this all the time. Yesterday, I was in Lafay­ette at a comic relief event for Goodwill. I’ve also worked with the United Way for events.”

As for his style, Brinkley has a more traditional Southern country sound and described his style as similar to artists like George Jones, Conway Twitty and Waylon Jennings with a lit­tle Eagles thrown in for good measure.

“It’s a classic country and Texas country mix, you could say,” Brinkley com­mented.

So, if you like good Tex­as country music, watch for Joel and Brinkley on stage at the YMBL South Texas State Fair, and look no further.