Dog Show World Series

Dog Show World Series

Animal lovers may think a dog show with thousands of beautiful and beguiling canines of every size and shape simply couldn’t get any better. But they would be wrong. Taking place at NRG Center on Wednesday, July 15, through Sunday, July 19, the 38th annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows is adding two events that will serve up new thrills for spectators.

The first is the Barn Hunt. Open to any dog, this competition tests the hunting skills of canines, as they sniff through haystacks to locate a live rat secured safely inside a metal tube. A second new event is Creative Dog Grooming. This exhibition showcases the talents of extreme dog groomers equipped with colored chalk, hair spray and an overabundance of imagination as they scissor-cut their dogs into works of art and weirdness. 

Of course, the dog show’s traditional and ever-popular offerings will reappear. Meet the Breeds provides those longing to become pet parents an opportunity to literally get their hands on breeds of interest and talk to experts about them. Conformation (breed judging) presents more than 150 common and exotic breeds, as they parade around looking beautiful and winning prizes.

For the sports lover, the Performance Events feature athletic dogs in action: obstacle-course-running dogs (agility), hurdle-jumping dogs (flyball), dancing dogs (canine musical freestyle), Frisbee catching dogs and sled-dragging dogs (weight pull). In the AKC “My Dog Can Do That!” trials, both dogs and owners get some exercise as they test-run an agility course while receiving instruction from experts.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, and children 12 and younger are free. NRG Park is within the Inner Loop of the southern portion of Interstate Loop 610 between Kirby and Fannin streets in Houston. View for more information.