Endless gore, profanity make Prototype II a no-go

Endless gore, profanity make Prototype II a no-go

Even Harry Potter had an ending – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.” It took eight movies, but now it’s over. With certain video game series, we consumers might not be as lucky.

There’s no end to the possibilities of creating new, better, upgraded versions of the most popular video game series. Just this year, expect Max Payne III, LEGO Batman II, Dead or Alive V, Epic Mickey II, Resident Evil VI, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin’s Creed III and Halo IV.

Already launched this year are Max Effect III and the video game featuring a character who will have to die harder than Bruce Willis, Prototype in Prototype II.

When you obtain superhero powers, an arsenal of biological weapons as well as psychological command of your enemies, you are Sgt. James Heller, Prototype’s protagonist with a mission to “kill your maker.”

As the story goes in this open world game, launched mid-April this year and originally launched in 2009, Heller is a soldier on tour when a second epidemic of the Mercer virus hits New York. The Mercer virus causes people to mutate into grotesque horrors and slay their neighbors. Heller’s wife and child die and he returns from his tour to seek revenge on the man who allegedly unleashed the virus – Alex Mercer. Sadly, Mercer was the protagonist in Prototype but is now the villain, gone the way of so many before him who have been well-respected and gone to the dark side – The Joker (Batman), Dr. Octopus (Spiderman), Darth Vadar (Star Wars).

Once in New York, Heller finds that an evil private security force, Blackwatch, is occupying the city, while GenTek, a wicked company, experiments on the citizens. In a fight with Mercer, Heller becomes infected with the virus but doesn’t die. Instead he becomes Bruce Willis. Oh, I mean, a mutated brute, with savage claws and high-speed movement who can run up buildings and leap great distances. Over time and increased killings of people, Heller can take his enemies memories and their forms. Yippee ki-yay … you know the rest.

The mission is killing. In fact, the call to action is hunt, kill, become. Heller basically moves from one group of enemies to another, slaying them in the most gruesome of ways. Yes, the storyline is followed, which has Heller attacking Blackwatch stations and GenTek research facilities, etc. But there’s no deviation from combat-focused play where blood is the most prevalent graphic. It’s everywhere, spurting and spewing forth from victims after the most ghastly of slayings when Heller chops people with his razorblade hands.

Other weapons include grenade guns, assault rifles, machine guns and the thermabaric boomstick. All are as equally as explosives as Heller’s consistent dropping of the F-bomb. If you’re looking for intriguing dialogue, this ain’t your game.

And if you’re a parent of a young’un 17 and under, this isn’t a game for consideration either. It’s rated “M” for mature and includes not only bad language and gore but also references to drugs and sex.

Prototype II is available for Xbox 360, Windows PC and Playstation 3. I played on Xbox and found the controls and maneuvering fairly straightforward, comparable to other shoot’em up games. The cost of Prototype II is $59.

For those who enjoy games of mass destruction, go for it and splurge on the $79 Prototype II Blackwatch Collector’s Edition that comes with RADNET Edition Content, DLC Pack No. 1 – Colossal Mayhem, Soundtrack CD, Hardbound Art Book, and Dark Horse Digital Comic “Prototype: The Labrinth.”

Yippee ki-yay, mother says no to Prototype II.