Hot Tropic Nights

Hot Tropic Nights

Beaumont Botanical Gardens presents Hot Tropic Nights on Thursday, Jan. 26, from 6:30-10:30 p.m. at the gardens at 6088 Babe Zaharias Drive in Tyrrell Park. There will be drinks and hors d’oeuvers in the conservatory, with soothing music from local musician Rob Copeland. The fundraiser will feature work by local artists plus a silent auction to help raise funds for the Torchy Maypole project.

The Warren Loose Conservatory, a 10,000-square-feet venue, is one of the largest conservatories in a public garden in Texas. See plants common to tropical areas and rain forests, as well as arid regions, along with some of Warren’s favorite bromeliads. Some plants bear delicious edible fruit, while others are poisonous. Hear a waterfall splashing into a pond of champion Koi. Another pond features fancy goldfish and beautiful water lily blooms.

There is also a fountain and Star Plaza, the Bob D. Whitman Propagation House and much more so come casually dressed for the tropics.

For more information, call (409) 842-3135.


A $20 donation will be accepted.