It’s raining men at Lutcher Theater

It’s raining men at Lutcher Theater

By Stephen "doc" Watson, Special to the Examiner

True to its mission, the Lutcher Theater in Orange delivered professional entertainment for the enlightenment and cultural growth of people living in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana and delivered it in spades by hosting a remarkable music theater troupe known as “The Choir of Man.” 

Yes, they were men, all nine of them, and, yes, they were a choir, which became evident beyond dispute when their multiple harmonies sent waves of chills through the audience. In the arts and entertainment world, it's a tired proverb that proclaims, “They're the whole package,” but how much more whole could a package become if it contains world-class operatic voices, dancing, poetry, self-deprecating humor, masculine bonding, kilts, banjos, bagpipes, floor stomping, audience participation, and beer? Does that not cover all four corners of the map? 

Originating in the UK, “The Choir of Man” has already been touted internationally and is currently touring North America. But regardless of what anyone else in the world thinks about them, the Lucther Theater is still vibrating from a fantastically talented and rousing show, which lasted all of 90 minutes during which there were no set changes. No set changes were necessary. 

Once the pub doors were open the audience felt right at home as verse, song, and dance wove day-to-day, real life tales of men's lives, tales from those cheerful to those somber such as the yearning to share time again with one's passed father. 

Nine unique voices covered an amazing array of modern songs while the entire cast swapped one musical instrument for another from beginning to end. To describe it as a “rousing good time show” is an understatement, and I'm sure the half-dozen audience members dragged to the stage to participate would agree. And when was the last time you attended a performance during which people all around you gasped to catch their breath from laughing so hard? 

As the show began it didn't take long for the audience to get their bearings and figure out the direction things were going, and by about the third production number we were collectively entranced as one voice after another rang like bells from the rafters. By the time all nine young men lifted their pints of beer and sang out in spine-tingling harmony the night was won. From then on it was a collective, fun night out with friends at the Lutcher Pub. 

If you get even half a chance to attend a stunning performance by “The Choir of Man,” roll up your sleeves and prepare to be entertained.