Louisiana zombie hunt is a must-do

Bayou Games Zombie Hunt

It’s your last chance to brave Louisiana’s annual outdoor Zombie Hunt hosted by Bayou Games in Sulphur. Recognized as Halloween’s “must-do” family-friendly attraction, the seasonal paintball and laser tag event is set to kick off the premiere of the newly expanded Bayou Games Paintball Complex, a national-caliber outdoor arena at 681 Kim St. in Sulphur.

Set amidst the expanse of the Paintball Complex’s 31 acres of dark, haunted woods, Zombie Hunt provides an evening of immersive, high-energy fun for all ages. Participants board one of Bayou Games’ Tactical Zombie Response Units and take their own seat – outfitted with a custom gun and glow-in-the-dark paintballs – then head into the moonlit woods to stop the approaching live zombies.

Available for advance purchase, the Zombie Slayer Combo Ticket takes participants straight from the excitement of the paintball excursion to the next level of fast-paced thrills on the Paintball Complex’s Laser Tag Zombie Battlefield for one-on-one action: human against zombie.

Bayou Games provides a vast array of recreational activities, educational games, STEM-aligned School Field trips, and special events for all ages (Paintball, Arrow Tag, Bubble Soccer, Dodgeball, Laser Tag, Nerf Dart Wars, Hero Blast, and more), combining the immersion and engagement of outdoor entertainment with the social, active fun of a playground in a safe, clean environment.

Louisiana’s annual live Zombie Hunt 2017 runs thru Saturday, Oct. 28. Tickets start at $10 and can be purchased online at realzombiehunt.com.