Mexican Heritage Fiesta

Mexican Heritage Fiesta

The Mexican Heritage Society (MHS) will celebrate its 46th annual Mexican Heritage Fiesta on Saturday, Sept. 13 at the Bob Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur.

The mission of MHS, as a non-profit organization, is to preserve the rich history and traditions of American of Mexican descent, promote cultural awareness, education and appreciation throughout the community and provide scholarships to qualifying High School Seniors of Mexican descent. To date, MHS has contributed more than $75,000 in academic scholarships and various other donations as our contribution to the Hispanic community.

An MHS press release said they believe that by networking with the entire community and sharing multicultural diversity, they can bring about a better understanding and appreciation of one another.

For over 45 years during September, Fiesta has taken center stage in the Golden Triangle and the Southeast Texas community by highlighting the rich heritage with traditional Mexican music and dancing, delicious food, Mariachi performers, queen scholarship pageants and especially, through the beautiful art of Ballet Folkloric!

Showcasing at Fiesta and throughout the year at community events are fabulous Folkloric dancers, young people who have been dazzling audiences with their traditional dances in vibrantly colorful costumes since the inception of MHS. Each year, they prepare for months through rigorous rehearsals with a contracted professional instructor. MHS must also secure rehearsal and storage space, purchase/acquire costumes for over 40 dancers and pay the cost of the event itself.

To help defray these expenses the society relies on fundraisers, grants, donations and sponsorships from area merchants, businesses and community members. MHS invites you to support this endeavor with a sponsorship.

For more information, search for Mexican Heritage Society of Port Arthur on Facebook.