Monster Mayhem at Nutty Jerry’s

Strait Jacket, a monster truck out of Georgia driven by Kevin King

Have you ever seen a 10,000-pound monster truck fly? Well, get ready Southeast Texas! A new breed of motor sports experience is coming to Nutty Jerry’s. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12-13, Monster Mayhem will take over Nutty Jerry’s new outdoor arena with the country’s best monster trucks, monster pulling tractors, monster mud bog machines and an appearance by the nation’s top stunt-car daredevil, Spanky Spangler!

In an arena that is over 500 feet long, these monsters will be hitting jumps and obstacles at top speed. Every bit of each monster’s 2,000 horsepower will be used at Nutty Jerry’s Monster Mayhem!

Six trucks will compete in racing and freestyle, including two-time World Freestyle Champion Jim “Mr. Excellent” Koehler and Avenger. Koehler will have his work cut out for him at Monster Mayhem with a crowded field of the country’s best monster trucks including Razin Kane, Ice Cream Man, Barbarian, Wrecking Crew and Straight Jacket!

And then there’s the tractor pulling! Tractor pulling is a sport in which super modified tractors or trucks drag a massive metal sled along a straight track. The sled’s weight is is geared to gain resistance as the tractor hauls toward the finish line track. Pulling this ever-increasing load eventually causes the tractor to lose forward momentum and torque — although a rare few might indeed reach the end of the course, known as a “full pull.”

The monster tractors may look like standard-issue farm equipment, but the similarities stop at the basic body and tires. Engines include drag racing automotive type, jet turbines, aircraft and industrial engines in various configurations.

But why should tractors get to have all the pulling fun?  Monster Mayhem will also feature super two-wheel drive pulling trucks! What happens when you combine a 2,000 horsepower dragster truck with sled pulling?  Sheer power! These trucks have blown alcohol motors similar to funny cars in drag racing!

Get ready to get down and dirty with mega truck mud bogging as seen in the “Trucks Gone Wild” series! Nothing gets your adrenaline going like seeing mud trucks fly through the air. And this isn’t your daddy’s mud racing – the Monster Mayhem mega mud truck are is hybrid of 4x4 and monster truck that has tires capable of taking on any mud pit – unless the track builders at Nutty Jerry’s have something to say about it!

Spanky Spangler Jr. will amaze the crowd with his daredevil stunts. Following in his famous father’s footsteps, Spanky Spangler Jr. represents the new breed of daredevil stuntmen.  Spanky Jr. has been performing death-defying stunts all over the world since he was 12 years old with hundreds of stunts to his credit.

Find out what a monster truck driver experiences in competition with a ride in the famous Sgt. Smash Monster Ride Truck! Feel what it’s like being whipped back and forth and kicking up clouds of dust in the ride truck arena! Nothing come closer to driving your own monster truck than taking a ride in Sgt. Smash!

The stars of Monster Mayhem will get up close and personal with fans before each event during the free Monster Mayhem Pit Party. Fans holding an event ticket will be allowed into the Monster Nation pits 90 minutes before each event to see the Monster Mayhem trucks up close, take photos, get autographs and meet the stars of Monster Mayhem.

Showtime is 6 p.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Advance VIP Seats are $30, general admission covered grandstands tickets are $22 for adults or $12 for kids, and GA lawn tickets are $17 and $12.

Nutty Jerry's Winnie Arena is at 18291 Englin Road in Winnie. Call (877) 643-7508 or visit