Quiet film with heart-pounding moments

Quiet film with heart-pounding moments

Never has quiet been so creepy as in this horror story with a heart. Starring real life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and directed by Krasinski as well, this is a post-apocalyptic nightmare where, as the title indicates, just one little bump can lead to terrifying consequences.

The two leads play a couple living with their two children in what clearly is the aftermath of some catastrophic event. The only hint are the headlines in the newspapers dating back to over a year before that indicate that sound draws the what looks to be something alien, although we don’t actually get a close look at one of these things until deep into the movie.

It’s clear this family has learned how to live in silence, and true to the story, there is very little dialogue. They tiptoe on bare feet avoiding fallen leaves that could crunch underfoot, and they live in their barn where the dirt floor can’t squeak like the wooden floors of the farmhouse they abandoned.

They are alone in the world, it seems, and good at surviving what we learn is over 400 days into this new normal. By now, they have suffered a tragedy that has scarred all of them emotionally, but the use of sign language limits their ability to deal with it openly. And the mother is pregnant — not good when a sobbing baby could bring one of the creatures in an instant.

Krasinski, who wrote this with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck from an idea they had, works assuredly in keeping the terror elevated while exploring the tender side of a family forced to reinvent their lives and keep as upbeat as possible.

Two great things Krasinski did was cast his wife as his wife, and young actress Millicent Simmonds, who is actually deaf in real life, as she is in the film, as the daughter. The father’s attempts to...


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